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With a number of significant releases, 2017 saw terrific sequels to popular franchises, the arrival of new properties and the return of a beloved and highly influential name. Here are ThatMomentIn’s Ten Best Movies of the year.

But first, we want to start with some honorable mentions, a few movies that almost cracked the top ten and for some might actually be up there. Lists like these are always up for discussion and so, here are some titles that will certainly spark some debate.

Honorable Mentions

Spider-Man: Homecoming: A highly-successful new entry into the oft-rebooted franchise, the film is made all the better thanks to a terrific performance from Tom Holland in the lead. Great energy and effects, and a compelling story mark the start of perhaps something fans can finally get behind.

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Baby Driver: Just about anything Edgar Wright touches becomes cinema gold, and this innovative and clever action thriller makes for a nice twist on the heist genre. Supercharged action and some mind-boggling driver stunts, this had a lot of people feeling good about going to the movies.

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Mother!: Controversial and keeping may divided, there’s no doubt about the impact of Darren Aronofsky’s latest brain teaser, one that had critics and audiences talking for weeks. Chilling and challenging, this is a unique and innovative film that will surely top a few people’s best of the year.

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Personal Shopper: This quiet, disturbing film drew great acclaim for its lead performance, a fearless effort from Kristin Stewart. In truth, she deserves the praise as the film is a truly intoxicating experience, and while not what many might expect, is a unique and intelligent take on the genre.

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War For The Planet of the Apes: The third entry in the modern reboot of the series is a slight step down from the previous film but is nonetheless a thrilling and deeply emotional experience that many will claim deserves a place at the top for 2017.

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10) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Best Movies

Okay, so this is a close call but it edges into the bottom spot purely for its commitment to entertainment, which is half the battle, and no one who has seen this bombastic tour de force of cartoonish joy is going to say they weren’t having fun watching it. With what is perhaps the single best opening sequence in all of movieland, the film joyfully heads off into a raucous and very funny adventure with some ambitious action, loads of great characters and a few moments of sentiment. It’s a perfect blockbuster theater experience. And come on … Groot. Enough said.

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9) Get Out

Best Movies
Get Out, 2017 © Blumhouse Productions

It’s hard to imagine that Jordan Peele‘s debut film is almost a year old, mostly because months later, we’re still talking about this shattering film experience. While it layers itself in the genre, it has much more to say, challenging viewers to consider more about what they are seeing. It’s rare to have a film so complete as this, a commentary that is as effective as it is entertaining. We’ll probably still be talking about it for months to come. Check out why it so great here.

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8) A Monster Calls

Best Movies
A Monster Calls, 2017 © Focus Features

This was a year of big creatures (see next), and it all started here with this deeply emotional and challenging story that played out like a fantasy though was anything but. J.A. Bayona‘s ethereal approach and dreamy visuals make this story of a boy and his mother much more than it seems, and for many, will connect with great impact. A beautiful and mesmerizing experience, this kind of got lost in the shuffle, but is well worth revisiting and is easily one of the best movies of the year.

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7) Colossal

Best Movies
Colossal, 2017 © Toy Fight Productions

Points for being different are at the start of why this movie is so good, but beyond that, this is a highly original and thought-provoking film with surprises at every turn. Darkly funny and deeply metaphorical, it’s also very funny and honest, making it a smart and inventive movie experience. Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis are great fun to watch with Nacho Vigalondo‘s energizing direction keeping this one of the best movies of the year.

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6) Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island, 2017 © Legendary Entertainment

Speaking of colossal things. You want spectacle? You craving awe? Then this is where it’s at. Jordan Vogt-Roberts‘s jaw-dropping entry into the big monster genre is a huge, bombastic, eye-popping thrill ride that is pure cinema joy. Loaded with stunning visuals and sensational action sequences, this take on the great ape is a shot of adrenaline for fans of the genre and has us salivating for the next chapter in this series. Kong rules.

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5) Lady Bird

Best Movies
Lady Bird, 2017 © Scott Rudin Productions

Taking many by surprise, this unassuming comedy/drama is fast becoming one of the most talked about award contenders. Greta Gerwig‘s direction and attention detail are hallmarks but it’s Saoirse Ronan‘s dynamic and arresting performance in the lead that is earning the highest praise, though a great cast orbits around her in this terrific alternative to big blockbusters. It’ll be on a lot of lists.

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4) Wonder Woman

Best Movies
Wonder Woman, 2017 © Atlas Entertainment

Redefining for many what the superhero movie can do and mean, Patty Jenkins created one of the most contemporary statements about women in film to date while also delivering one heck of a good time at the movies. Gal Godot firmly establishes herself and Wonder Woman at the front and center in the DC Universe, making her easily the most exciting and energizing persona in the genre. She’s a wonder, Wonder Woman.

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3) Dunkirk

Best Movies
Dunkirk, 2017 © Syncopy

Leave it to Christopher Nolan to flip everything we expect in a war movie and deliver a challenging, visually arresting film that pays respects to those that came before while trailblazing a new direction for the genre. With barely any dialogue, the film unfolds through music and imagery, compressing the horror of this historical event into a few hours of almost unprecedented tension and inspiration. This lands among many highly-influential war films of the past several decades and establishes itself as one of the best ever made.

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2) Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Best Movies
Star Wars: The Last Jedi, 2017 © Lucasfilms

While Rian Johnson‘s latest entry into the Star Wars franchise has, naturally, met with some derision, we are on the side of greatness. Aside from being a stunning technical achievement, The Last Jedi stands as one of the best sequels ever made, akin to its own series and what The Empire Strikes Back did for A New Hope. While it has some flaws, for sheer cinematic spectacle, this is hard to beat, a story-driven epic with loads of adventure and characters you truly care about. Those who endlessly dissect these movies will have plenty to pick apart, but for those who want nothing more than to just kick back and soak in some real Star Wars joy, The Last Jedi delivers. The second best movie of the year.

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1) Blade Runner 2049

Best Movies
Blade Runner 2049, 2017 © 16:14 Entertainment

Sometimes magic happens. You might not always believe it, but sure enough, it does. That’s the only way to describe Denis Villeneuve‘s sequel to one of the most influential films of all times. Subverting just about everything going to the movies is these days, this epic, entrancing experience is a rare masterpiece, a film that embraces its origins while expanding its story with almost unnatural satisfaction. Deeply meditative and genuinely entertaining, this is truly one of the greatest science fiction movies ever made and without a doubt, the best movie of 2017.

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Tell us about your Top Ten list. What films did you think were the best? Have at it in the comments below.