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Wheelman Review

Wheelman is a solid action thriller that might be a bit familiar but is held together by some good performances.

Jungle Review

Jungle is an often gripping true-life survival thriller with a sensational lead performance that can't quite find the impact it's striving…

Marshall Review

Marshall is a grounded, well-acted film that might not be a definitive introspective look but is an entertaining courtroom drama.

Leatherface Review

Leatherface is an obligatory horror experiences that doesn't offer much in redefining or reshaping the franchise it tries to build upon.

OtherLife Review

OtherLife is a smart, challenging sci-fi thriller with great visuals and a terrific lead, making this a must watch.

The Babysitter Review

The Babysitter is a smart, funny, gory good time with a sensational cast and loads of stylistic visuals and sharp dialog that make this well…

Blood Money Review

Blood Money is a standard action thriller with a surprisingly good subplot that never grips as it should, despite its potential.

Poor Agnes Review

Poor Agnes is a distressing, often harrowing look into the mind of a twisted killer, and while it can be hard to watch, builds to a powerful…