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Marshall Review

Marshall is a grounded, well-acted film that might not be a definitive introspective look but is an entertaining courtroom drama.

Leatherface Review

Leatherface is an obligatory horror experiences that doesn't offer much in redefining or reshaping the franchise it tries to build upon.

OtherLife Review

OtherLife is a smart, challenging sci-fi thriller with great visuals and a terrific lead, making this a must watch.

The Babysitter Review

The Babysitter is a smart, funny, gory good time with a sensational cast and loads of stylistic visuals and sharp dialog that make this well worth a watch.

Ballerina I’m Not Review

Ballerina I'm Not is a look inside female wrestling and while it lacks the edge and inspiration it strives for, is a compelling documentary of many of the women in the sport.

Blood Money Review

Blood Money is a standard action thriller with a surprisingly good subplot that never grips as it should, despite its potential.

Poor Agnes Review

Poor Agnes is a distressing, often harrowing look into the mind of a twisted killer, and while it can be hard to watch, builds to a powerful end.

M.F.A. Review

M.F.A. is a disturbing and timely thriller held together by another emotional performance from its lead.

House By The Lake Review

House By The Lake is a fairly straight-forward horror/thriller that relies on plenty of clichés, and while it has a few good performances, can't make good on its potential.

Sleepwalker Review

Sleepwalker is a clever and intelligent thriller that keeps you on a constantly twisting path that should have you guessing right to the end.

Swing Away Review

Swing Away is an entertaining sports drama that follows a familiar path, being well made and a good pick for a family night at the movies.

Realive Review

Realive is a daunting, philosophical experiment that raises plenty of interesting question that leave this both strange and admirable.

Walking Out Review

Walking Out is a haunting story, less about the expected thrills the premise seems to promise and more about the deeply humanizing story of a boy and his father.

Better Watch Out (2017) Review

Better Watch Out is a 2017 thriller about a quiet suburban street where a babysitter must defend a twelve-year-old boy from intruders, only to discover it's far from a normal home invasion. 

The Osiris Child Review

The Osiris Child is a good looking adventure with plenty of solid action and great visuals, even if the film can't quite reach where it intends, ultimately making this a fun if familiar experience.

Marjorie Prime Review

Marjorie Prime is a deeply thought-provoking film that skirts around its science fiction to deliver a truly mind-bending and emotional kick.

Landline Review

Landline is an unexpectedly satisfying comedy/drama that might dabble in the familiar, features a great cast and plenty of heart.

Zombies Review

Zombies is an uninspiring entry in the genre that plays by all the rules with plenty of zombie horde gore but little else.

Art Of The Prank Review

Art of the Prank is a mostly engaging documentary that succeeds in showing us its subject's motivations though lacks a deeper message to educate its viewers.

The Sound Review

The Sound is an ambitious, quiet horror story that strips away most of the genre standards for a curious, low-key experience.