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Bitch Review

Bitch is a 2017 comedy/drama about a woman who snaps and assumes the psyche of a vicious dog as her checked-out, philandering husband…

Daguerrotype Review

Daguerrotype is 2017 horror about an assistant to a daguerreotypy photographer who falls in love with the latter's daughter the relationship…

Live Evil Review

Live Evil is a maniacal beast of a movie, a low budget trippy bit of lunacy that is going to chase you away or have you cheering to the end.

Shortwave Review

Shortwave is a unique bit of horror that takes its time but has plenty of chilling moments and a deeply troubling story.

1922 Review

1922 is a creepy Stephen King adaptation with plenty of good chills in a story that runs a bit long and will ultimately seem a little…

Wheelman Review

Wheelman is a solid action thriller that might be a bit familiar but is held together by some good performances.

Marshall Review

Marshall is a grounded, well-acted film that might not be a definitive introspective look but is an entertaining courtroom drama.

M.F.A. Review

M.F.A. is a disturbing and timely thriller held together by another emotional performance from its lead.

Swing Away Review

Swing Away is an entertaining sports drama that follows a familiar path, being well made and a good pick for a family night at the movies.

Realive Review

Realive is a daunting, philosophical experiment that raises plenty of interesting question that leave this both strange and admirable.

Landline Review

Landline is an unexpectedly satisfying comedy/drama that might dabble in the familiar, features a great cast and plenty of heart.

Fjong (2017) Game Review

Fjong is a 2017 cutesy puzzle game developed by Varagtp where you play as three little creatures that need to find a way to eat magical…

Hickok (2017) Review

Hickok is a 2017 Western about legendary lawman and gunslinger, Wild Bill Hickok, who is tasked with taming the wildest cow-town in the…

Cage (2017) Review

Cage is a 2017 thriller about a sex chat operator who makes an arrangement with a client that finds her waking up in a nightmare.

Mine (2017) Review

Mine is a 2017 thriller about a soldier lost in the desert after a failed mission, who takes one step that changes everything, forcing him…

Atomica (2017) Review

Atomica is a 2017 sci-fi thriller about a near-future world where a young safety inspector discovers things are not so well at a nuclear…

Quarries (2017) Review

Quarries is a 2017 thriller about a group of women who take to the woods for a survival expedition, though it is not nature but something…

Go North (2017) Review

Go North is a 2017 adventure drama about the aftermath of an unknown calamity that has left the Earth without any adults, descending the…

Solace (2016) Review

Solace is a 2016 mystery/thriller about a former doctor with special abilities who comes to work with a pair of FBI agents to hunt down a…

Slash (2016) Review

Slash is a 2016 comedy/drama about a talented fan-fiction writer who finds himself blossoming under the inspiring wing of a girl who…