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Cinema Recall Podcast Terror Tuesday: ‘In My Skin’

On this episode of Terror Tuesdays, The Vern is joined by Zoe Rose (@ZoboWithShotgun) from the site Zobo WIth a Shotgun to discuss the 2002 French Body Horror Movie, In My Skin. Written and directed by Marina De Van, the story is about a woman named Esther (also played by De Van) who after an accident one night at a party becomes more and more obsessed with the cuts on her leg.  This obsession drives her to more extreme measures as she becomes more infatuated with cutting herself. Not just her body, but also cutting herself off of her career, and relationships with others. The Vern and Zoe go into a good discussion explaining some key moments from this feature. After that, they get into a good discussion of some of the worst and disappointing movies of 2017. Enjoy.


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