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Magical SLG Masterpiece The Third Age is Coming

As a famous browser game publisher, PopPace is honored to announce that a new magical SLG masterpiece browser game — The Third Age will launch a Closed Beta Test at the end of November! Now LIKE our Facebook page to get 100,000 Silver coins and Woodland Prince in the AT server.

About The Third Age

The Third Age is a realistic SLG game based on adventures happened in a magical land that is full of mystery and competence. Players will rise from a PAGE and forge themselves into the lords of the land. Players will recruit numerous fantasy heroes, train powerful troops, and finally blaze a trail to the throne with bravery and wisdom. Fighting in a vivid magical battlefield is the theme of The Third Age, which will bring a fantastic feast for those SLG fans.

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Now let’s start to know more about the expecting game – The Third Age.

●Restore the ultimate magical world

In order to bring players the visual experience of a real magical world, PopPace has devoted an art team of 20 top artists working for over420 days to create an vivid magical world. Heroes with different characteristics have been produced, such as the beautiful Queen of Elves, the Brave Teakenshield, and the sagacious Gray Wizard.

●Fight side by side with allies

Beside the stunning visual effects, The Third Age also made some changes at gameplay to create a battlefield for fighting side by side with allies. The main features of traditional SLG browser games are “Destroying without constructing” and “Fighting alone”. But now The Third Age has changed it with a series of innovation. In City Interior, you will reclaim land, recruit army and build the first city with your friends. And in National War, all players will be engaged in battles of seizing cities. You will unite your allies to protect every inch of land on the same battlefield.

●Real Strategy &Exclusive Heroes

The Third Age is tactical game that allows player to customize their own heroes by selecting from36 different skills. Furthermore, the troops movement, attack, reinforcement and retreat will restore the strategy from real war, thus leading to a huge battle of city.

The Third Age creates an ultimate battlefield for SLG fans. With an unique feature of customizing heroes and strategy, it brings you an unprecedented new experience of SLG. Come to The Third Age, join hands with friends to fight and create your own empire!