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9 Alternative Halloween Movies On Netflix You Need To See

Time for another Netflix Pick, and as it’s Halloween, we thought we’d scour through the movies and find something good for the season but not something typical, because while a good slasher movie is fun, maybe there’s room for something new. With that in mind, we highly recommend the following scary movies.


Hellraiser, 1987 © Cinemarque Entertainment BV

So, yes, the first movie on the list is traditional, though maybe not a classic Halloween film, but it’s certainly the more obvious of the others to follow. It’s here simply because it’s brilliant and while the series got right off it’s rocker after the start, the original is a deeply dark and satisfying tale of darkness that is disturbingly good and is far deeper an experience than most give it credit for. We discuss why here and you really ought to read it and then reconsider what you think you know about this fantastic horror film.


Ravenous, 1999 © ETIC Films

Oh boy this is a good flick that many haven’t even heard of, and it’s a shame because it’s just so darned different. A vampire-ish movie set in the snow covered mountains of the 19th century Sierra Nevadas, it’s got loads of gore and horror with a gripping story that is unsettlingly realistic. Starring Guy Pearce and Robert Carlyle, the film treats the subject as if it’s authentic without ever falling into the trappings of the genre, creating a supremely well-made and very tense experience. It’s gruesome and bloody and well, just straight-up awesome.


Mercy, 2016 © Uncorked Productions

This one is a matter of choice, probably the most divisive of the lot, a home invasion story that sets up a number of tropes but manages to separate itself with some good mystery and solid direction. It’s not always easy to watch and ends on a corrosive note that very well may turn viewers right off, but worked for us. Challenging and always compelling, this is a weird and creepy thriller that takes the familiar and gives a spin.

The Wailing

The Wailing, 2016 © 20th Century Fox

Going to throw a foreign film on the list, but one that if you haven’t seen is a must if you like scary thrillers. South Korea’s Hong-jin Na delivers one of the best fantasy horror movies in recent years, combing lore and mysticism with a nerve-wracking story that will make you flip on every light in your house. Gripping, realistic performances, incredibly authentic settings, and some truly genuine frights, this is not your typical Asian slasher but rather a smart, challenging story that will actually move you by the film’s end. If you watch one on this list, make it this. 

The Number 23

The Number 23, © New Line Cinema

Okay, okay, calm down. Yes, this is a Jim Carrey movie and a far departure from the man’s usual work, and while it divided critics, it’s by no means a bad movie. Quite the opposite in fact, and sure, the premise is kinda silly, but once you buy into it, this is a sharp thriller made all the more convincing by Carrey’s unhinged performance. He absolutely sells it and the movie is just plain good fun with some great chills. Don’t hesitate.

Trash Fire

Trash Fire, 2016 © Vertical Entertainment

Here’s a movie that flips things on it’s head, starting off as one thing and ending up something altogether different. It lulls you into what you think is a tragic drama but springs open the trap late and slams you right in the face with WTF? madness. With a terrific performance from the always reliable Angela Trimbur, Trash Fire is a smart, sometimes touching, and suddenly terrifying story that layers in bits of comedy and jarring violence. It’s good stuff. Read more.

Sun Choke

Sun Choke, 2016 © Lodger Films

Yes, we’ve recommended this delicious bit of creepy before and deservedly so. Ben Cresciman‘s Sun Choke is a cryptic, thought-provoking slow burn gets under your skin fast and wriggles about, building to a distressing finale that will have you gawking in wonder what the heck just happened. A truly harrowing performance from Sarah Hagen is the real reason to put this on your list as this is one whacked out movie. In the best possible way.

American Fable

American Fable, 2017, © IFC Midnight

Anne Hamilton‘s unique, creepy thriller is certainly unconventional, a surreal journey into the 80s heartland where an 11-year-old girl named Gitty (Peyton Kennedy) discovers the world she lives in is not at all what she thought. A truly provocative and simmering chiller, there’s a lot to celebrate in this cerebral nightmare that will have you asking questions right to the end. Read more.

The Invitation

The Invitation, 2016 © Gamechanger Films

Karyn Kusama‘s wickedly dark and eerily oppressive thriller is a quiet, looming masterpiece of suspense and trickery it almost defies definition. No, it’s not your typical horror movie, and steers clear of the standards that the genre long ago established, and as such, might divide audiences, but you must give this movie a watch, because it’s a gorgeous, disturbing mindtrip that will freak you out when the ending comes. Seriously. This is a great movie. Read more.