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Fun Ideas to Liven Up Your House Party this Christmas

How to Have the Best House Party | Original Movie Posters How to Have the Best House Party | Original Movie Posters How to Have the Best House Party | Original Movie Posters

You’d think that Christmas wouldn’t really need any livening up right? Wrong! As we overindulge during the holiday season, we move from one party to another; from one buffet to another; and all of it ends up merging into one great conglomeration, that come January we regret.

But what if it did not have to be like this? What if at your party you could stand next to life-celebrity cardboard cutouts of the Avengers, and rather than feeling a bit daft, you felt like the next Marvel character? Is this achievable? Of course it is, you just have to try that little bit harder and think that little bit differently. So here we look at ways to ensure that your Christmas party is full of life, and is “that Party” that everybody is already pencilling in to their 2018 diary – if that’s what you want, to make the right impression then read on and we’ll help you achieve that goal.


These guys are going to be the ones to complain, and are also the people that you will have to see every day for the next year. So rather than alienate them, invite them along – they’ll love it.


What’s going to add that extra bit of unexpected fun to the occasion? Imagine a cinema theme. Original movie posters would be a very cool addition in this case; the music could be taken from film scores; you could have freshly made popcorn on the go; maybe even a few filmic drinks (think Vodka Martinis, White Russians and a nice Chianti….). Whatever angle you go for, explore the creative possibilities.

Start Time

We all have a friend who, when you tell them 8, turns up at 9. So to be easy, tell everyone 7, that way by 8 the guests will be arriving (unbeknown to them) right on queue.


People expect to be fed, and the hottest topic of conversation at most parties, at least afterwards, is the spread. Make is special, but simple. Think that people will be eating with their fingers and you are solely responsible for the mess tomorrow. If you’ve selected your guests carefully enough, you’ll know what is suitable and what isn’t – people want food with their drinks, not a sit-down gourmet meal…


Other than people, the most important ingredient. Have ice, and lots of it; make sure cold drinks are cold, and designated drivers have more than just tap water – any invite should include BYO (bring your own) – but then as host, you’ll be expected to make up for any shortfalls and mean guests!


Though you are not in a club, music can be key. It is a talking point – so perhaps ask people for favourites and put together a play list before the night. BUT have it ready to play, without the need to interfere, good hosts are not those that are messing around with an I-pod. Having people nominate favourites pre-party will keep everyone happy too.


You are the host, and remain so until the last person leaves…. that means that you have to have control of your faculties – those original movie posters and White Russians will not help you if you have to go for a lie down by 10pm! You have to thrive on the enjoyment of others and not the imbibing of copious alcoholic shots….


The party ain’t over…. until you say. Have an exit strategy and by this I mean have a strategy to get everyone to exit your house! Until the last straggler has gone, you are on duty. You need to plan to get the house empty so that you can relax and go to bed…

Parties are great, and you can throw a great party. Livening it up doesn’t mean letting things go, it simply means heightening the enjoyment of your guests. If you can do this, maintain a cool head, and get out of it alive (or stain free as it were) then you’ve done a great job.