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Cinema Recall Podcast TERROR TUESDAY: ‘May’ (2002)

May is a 2002 horror film about a lonely young woman traumatized by a difficult childhood and her increasingly desperate attempts to connect with the people around her is sent into a murderous tailspin.

PODCAST TRANSCRIPT: Hello everyone and welcome to the Cinema Recall Podcast. I am your host, The Vern. Since we are in the month of October, and Halloween is just a few weeks away, I will be starting up a new series called Terror Tuesdays. Each week I will be giving you short reviews of underrated horror flicks that not many people have seen before. Let’s start off this episode by talking about May from 2002.

May stars Angela Bettis, Jeremy Sisto, Anna Farris and was written and directed by Lucky McKee. It tells the story of May (Bettis), a young girl with not many friends. Born with a lazy eye that her mother made her cover up. The only friend she ever had was a creepy looking doll inside a glass case. Cut to many years later and the only people May can call friends as the ones she works with. She still keeps the doll inside the glass case  and when we first meet her, she looks slightly unhinged. This all changes when she meets  a mechanic named Adam (Sisto) and becomes really attracted to his hands. Adam likes May at first because she is into his brand of horror films and is quite different from the other  girls he dates. However after a bad date and a few other embarrassing moments.  May slowly starts to loose her mind even more than before. The odd thing is that the crazier she becomes the more quote unquote “Normal “she appears to everyone else.

Angela Bettis just shines in the title role because you care about this character from the start.  You want so much just to reach into the screen and give her a big hug.  You want so bad for things to be OK that I found her downfall kind of tragic. Lucky McKee has created a very sympathetic horror character much like Frankenstein’s Monster. And it’s one that not many people talk about but they should.

The moment I am going to talk about is when May gets a job teaching for blind kids at a rec center. One day, she brings her friend in, you know the one that is kept in the glass case. The kids are so excited to feel the doll with their hands. They rush at May, which causes the case to break. Glass shards fly everywhere and as the kids run to the doll they each trip and land where the glass shards are. It’s a memorable scene because right when it breaks you know what’s gonna happen and yet you can’t avoid it. It’s not graphic or gory but it is one of the most disturbing moments in the film.

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