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Fjong (2017) Game Review

Fjong is a 2017 cutesy puzzle game developed by Varagtp where you play as three little creatures that need to find a way to eat magical candy to escape the level in an enchanted world.

The idea is quite simple. We start off as one little creature and during the course of different levels, we rescue two more creatures who are different sizes. It uses physics of projectile motion as well as the impact of gravity to launch our colorful and cute characters to their destination.

Check out our gameplay below:

If you are not an achievement hunter however, this game really has 20 levels for around $5 on Steam which might seem a little steep as it will average about 30 minutes to get through. However, the challenge here is for those seeking perfection to achieve all three stars in all levels and then all purple stars in all levels and this will unlock a new character that opens up a secret game called Boba and the Witch which says that it was developed by 13-year-old Varagtp. The secret game is different as there are dangers, deaths and limited lives and dodging a lot of flying objects to reach from one end of the screen to the other in order to proceed to the next area.

At first glance, Fjong looks like a puzzle game ripe for the mobile game market. However, Varagtp has decided to launch solely to the PC platform. Perhaps it is because of its finite length or perhaps it is because they like that market more. Whatever the reason is, the game is very simple with mechanics to jump at the right time with the right power to maneuver through the map, open the latch to drop the candy into the bucket and then hop into the bucket to eat said candy which lets our characters float away. There is certain level of finesse and luck in any level and with that, the fun can quickly turn to frustration when finding the perfect power and angle seem impossible. It is a perfect game in small doses. However, at times it does feel like the game physics aren’t quite polished enough.

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Much like Varagtp’s previous game Plantera, this game is mostly a soothing experience with some soothing jazzy elevator music sort of soundtrack in the background on repeat. The graphics and art is nice and cute. The levels implement different obstacles to keep it challenging. Even the secret game offers different environments for Boba the Pig to travel through.

Overall, Fjong is a cute game suitable for the same audience that would enjoy games like Angry Birds. With simple controls and colorful creatures and levels, it still appeals to us as more of a mobile game experience and perhaps a family experience. However, does this experience offer anything unique to the genre? Not really. For those who enjoy these types of puzzle and physics games, the value is there especially with a secret game as a bonus.

Fjong is currently available on Steam.

Fjong (2017) Game Review
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