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Cinema Recall Podcast: That Moment In ‘Dog Day Afternoon’ (1975)

In this episode we take a closer look at this classic Al Pacino thriller.

On this recent episode of Cinema Recall, The Vern is joined by Peter (@Podstalgic) of Podstalgic to talk about the 1975 heist feature Dog Day Afternoon Directed by Sidney Lumet (12 Angry Men) and starring Al Pacino, John Cazale and Chris Sarandon. This film follows the true events that took place during a bank robbery one summer in New York City.  The Vern and Peter discuss how a few key moments were handled in the plot and discuss who would be cast if this was remade. You can listen to more of the shows Peter hosts including We Got Five, Podstalgic and Episodes of TV Ate My Brain over at Core Temp Arts.