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September 2017

The Sound Review

The Sound is an ambitious, quiet horror story that strips away most of the genre standards for a curious, low-key experience.

Our Souls at Night Review

Our Souls at Night is a gentle romance that might live a little too hard in its sentimentality but is saved by two terrific performances.

Indivisible (2017) Review

Indivisible is a challenging film that finds great humanity in this unique odyssey, centering on two extraordinary performances.

Fjong (2017) Game Review

Fjong is a 2017 cutesy puzzle game developed by Varagtp where you play as three little creatures that need to find a way to eat magical…

Crash Pad (2017) Review

Crash Pad is a familiar but often funny comedy with a terrific lead performance that can't quite live up to its potential.

Unbridled (2017) Review

Unbridled is a touching story for teen girls full of hope and inspiration, with a moving performance from its young star.

Libra Nos (2017) Review

Libra Nos is a compelling documentary that offers a jarring inside look at a strange and unsettling phenomenon.