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Netflix Daily Pick: Lover’s Lost in ‘Come And Find Me’ (2016)

Today's pick is a mysterious thriller starring Aaron Paul.

Come And Find Me is a 2016 drama about a young man whose girlfriend goes missing after he discovers she is not the person he thought she was.

Today’s Netflix Pick is an Indie thriller will a great story and two great lead performances. Starring Aaron Paul and Annabelle Wallis, it’s a romantic drama with plenty of twists that will have you guessing right from the start. It’s Come and Find Me and it’s what you’re watching tonight. Here’s why.

THE STORY: Written and directed by Zack Whedon, the story follows David (Aaron Paul) and Claire (Annabelle Wallis), an unusual young couple. They ride the same bus but pretend they don’t know each other, giving each other curious glances as they do, one of many love games they play often. So it is not surprising at first when David wakes one morning in an empty bed. She didn’t leave a note but he figures she stepped out. Hours pass though and worry settles in. She’s gone. One evening though, David has dinner with an old friend, someone Claire knew in college. He spends the night at David’s house, preparing to travel, but the next day, David discovers a terrible surprise and it sends him on a desperate new search where the truth about a girl he once knew as Claire is not at all what he thought. Now he’ll do anything to find her, and it could cost him his life.

Come and Find Me
Come and Find Me, 2016 © Automatik Entertainment

WHY YOU NEED TO WATCH: Come and Find Me is a tight little thriller with plenty of unexpected twists, including run ins with bad guys that don’t go as planned. The premise might seem familiar and surely a lot of movies have dealt with missing lovers, yet Come and Find Me carves out a nice little hole of its own with some terrific tension and a couple of really good performances. It’s easy to get behind David and try to figure out the mystery. Paul is very good in the lead here, never going over the top, despite some opportunities for such. He’s believable and convincing in a role that’s admittedly pretty demanding. You might be surprised. A challenging little gem with a tough ending, this is streaming on Netflix right now. Read our full review here.

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