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Montreal Comiccon Day 2: Triple A Studios and Actor Tony Todd

Day 2 coverage looks as Triple A games and a panel with Tony Todd.

Heading into Day 2 of Montreal Comiccon, Saturday brings all the crowds and all the big panels and events. Probably the busiest day of the weekend, there were people everywhere when we arrived. The intercoms alerted all the fans of who was starting their autograph and photo ops sessions throughout the day. There were all sorts of panels going on. If you missed our Day 1 recap, check it out HERE!

Warner Bros

Warner Bros is situated in Montreal and we’ve seen them these past two years at Montreal Comiccon. They give out free movie posters and at times other goodies, this time was small packs of legos. They brought two games to this show: Lego Marvel Superheroes and Injustice 2.

While we don’t know enough about the Lego gaming franchise to say much about it, Marvel Superheroes can’t go wrong and its fanbase will probably love it for exactly what it delivers. Injustice 2 had its release recently. This sequel sees a change in the story arc that we are used to as Superman and Batman are not friends anymore. Injustice 2 also had an E3 introduction of a new character, Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat, who will be available this month.

Panel: Meet the Cast of Watch Dogs 2

The first panel of the day we went to was the Meet the Cast of Watch Dogs 2 panel. The cast there from left to right: Ruffin Prentiss (Marcus), Shawn Baichoo (The Wrench), John Tench (T-Bone), Jonathan Dubsky (Josh) and Christopher Jacot (Dusan).

Watch Dogs 2 was released in November 2016. Its rare to see the voices behind characters of games and it is fantastic to see this entire cast shed some light on their experiences and their views on the story and various characters they played, especially as all of them are not just voice actors but also actual actors but have different focus. They also share some of their projects as well.

One of the most amazing facts to learn is that Shawn Baichoo is also the voice in various popular games such as Outlast and Outlast 2, roles in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, Deus Ex: Mankind Undivided as well as a voice in a game in the Indie Game Zone we talked about in yesterday’s recap, Mage of Mystralia. Ruffin Prentiss is part of the latest season of TV series Elementary and this is his first video game voice acting job. Christopher Jacot talked about his role in TV series Slasher which is currently available on Netflix. John Tench played the Viking leader in new TV series, American Gods as well as the same character in the first Watch Dogs. Jonathan Dubsky has been in various small acting roles however the challenge in the character of Josh makes it a memorable role.

Overall, this panel was a lot of fun. The cast was vibrant and enthusiastic about all their roles and how they played out in the story.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch’s launch brought them to Comiccon which might actually be a first. Its nice to see them there because it helps expand and educate the audience on what this portable console has to offer. While there might not be a lot of games available now, E3 2017 showed off some potentially decent additions to popular franchises. They were here with 3 games: Mario Kart Deluxe, ARMS and Splatoon 2. All fittingly perfect party games with friends and utilizes the Nintendo Switch capabilities for its proper intention.

Panel: Mass Effect Andromeda with Bioware

Mass Effect: Andromeda is the fourth game in the Mass Effect franchise by game development company Bioware. Present at this panel were four members of the development team, from left to right: Christian Lavoie (Technical Art Director), Stephanie (Technical Animator), Jessica (Space Lead) and Colin Campbell (Lead Level Designer). They talk about their achievements and the hurdles of getting this Mass Effect game done to not only appeal to the fans but still create a unique experience whether it was from level design to character design and creating and building The Tempest into a complete world experience.

Overall, this panel dove into the more technical aspects of game design while finding a balance in the Q&A portion from fans of the game as they asked about how they felt about different aspects of the game from story to characters.


Playstation comes back this year with a great selection of games. They have both their Playstation 4 games as well as the PS VR games, similar to last year. Their PS VR games available to try were the following: GT Sport, Moss, The Inpatient and Bravo Team. The normal Playstation 4 games were: Matterfall, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, Detroit Become Human and Call of Duty: WWII. If you were following the E3 conference announcements, there is no doubt that some of these games have caught your attention.

The four PS VR games all provided a different experience. GT Sport puts the player in the driver seat. Moss throws you in more of a third person experience. The Inpatient is a horror psychological game which is possibly the best form of use for VR as many feedback of VR is no matter the quality of horror, it is hard to not be afraid when thrown into virtual reality with nowhere to escape. Finally, Bravo Team is a first person shooter.

Finally, Detroit Become Human has a game demo, something that we haven’t quite seen much of other than in trailers. It is nice to see the functions shown off here. For those who haven’t tried the Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite free demo, it should still be available to try for Playstation 4 owners. We didn’t do an impression post but this game still has some ways to go before it can peak our interest more. Perhaps the best part will be seeing how they use the characters of different universe to create the story. No doubt, the heavy hitter and the focus is Call of Duty: WWII which had the most booths, probably to create the multiplayer game.

Panel: Tony Todd Q&A

The conference to end our Day 2 at Montreal Comiccon was horror icon actor, Tony Todd (Candyman). Not only known for his role in Candyman – although many of the fans present showed their love for that role – many others knew about his other work. He gave his thoughts about the filming accident of The Crow and how it affected him. He talked about the roles he chose at various times in his career from shorter TV roles to movie roles as well as the movies and actors he likes. He shed light on how he is only the voice of Zoom in TV series The Flash. If you didn’t know, Todd was also a voice in Dota 2 as well as Marvel Super Hero Squad Online and also, Call of Duty: Black Ops II. This led to him talking about his gamer habits and that his current game is Persona 5. He also tried to re-enact his voice in Dota 2 which doesn’t quite work out too well but brought a lot of laughter into the crowd.

Overall, a fun panel and a very insightful one as Todd talked to everyone about not believing in icons and that he is an icon because the fans deem him as one. He sees himself as an ordinary person who does the most benign things such as gardening, rescuing animals and cooking on his spare time.