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INTERVIEW: Indian Actress Kavita Radheshyam Talks About Her Latest Film

Indian star discusses her work in the horror film Islamic Exorcist and more.

Kavita Radheshyam was first noticed and rose to fame for a semi-naked photo shoot she did for Animal Rights in India. She’s appeared in many Indian films and TV series since, and is now looking forward to her first international English feature film Islamic Exorcist which is directed by Faisal Saif and distributed by Cinema Epoch. Kavita Radheshyam has also been labelled as the Kim Kardashian of India by UK’s leading news paper Mirror. 

As her first international English horror film Islamic Exorcist is now in release the US, Canada, and the UK, she sits down for an exclusive one-on-one interview with ThatMomentIn.

Hello and thanks for talking with us. Do you have butterflies in your stomach with the international release of your film?

Yes I do! Because this is my first International English feature film and a film which is very close to my heart. I am excited, happy and nervous at the same time. There is also a small heart palpitations in me.

And why is that?

Because we Indians have grown up watching Horror Films from Hollywood. Hollywood knows to scare the hell outta you. And than we make an English horror movie to show them. So yes! I am pretty nervous about it and also scared.

Kavita Radheshyam (Courtesy © Kavita Radheshyam)

The trailer of Islamic Exorcist is pretty much all the talk in Indie circles.

The trailer is being really appreciated by most of the people. Every day I am waking up to a new appreciation and kind words from all the people. Some of the kind people also wrote about it and i am really thankful to them. I love the way they are welcoming the film.

Did you want to be labelled as the Kim Kardashian of India?

No! I never wanted to be labelled as anyone. I was very happy. I didn’t even knew it as I was filming for a movie and suddenly I got a call from my director Faisal Saif where he told me that he was reading this article on the Internet where the Mirror journalist surveyed the Kim Kardashian’s all around the world, and I was one of them. I personally thanked the Journalist. But personally speaking, i would want to be remembered as Kavita Radheshyam. Everyone in this world is unique and extraordinary in their own ways. I also swear that I do not en-cash this label. I am happy en-cashing myself. 

Kavita Radheshyam
Kavita Radheshyam (© 2017 Islamic Exorcist)

Let’s talk a little more about Islamic Exorcist. Could you give us some insights?

This one is something which I am extremely proud of. The movie is directed by my lovely friend Faisal Saif. It’s an International English Horror film which is based on Islamic Voodooism and Black Magic. So, Islam is not only about Bombs and Wars, it’s also about Scary Jinns. (Laughs) Faisal sent this script to Cinema Epoch and they liked the script. We all were so excited to know that a renowned distribution label which is headed by lovely Film maker Gregory Hatanaka likes our work and has agreed to back the movie. Now that the film is completed and ready to be released, we are all looking forward to it.

Kavita Radheshyam
Kavita Radheshyam (Courtesy © Kavita Radheshyam)

And why do the filmmakers want to call the movie Islamic Exorcist?

Because the film talks about Islamic Community! There are two controversial sectors in the community. Shia Muslim and Sunni Muslim! Most of the people believe Shia Muslim to be the kings of Voodooism and Black magic, the movie also lights that issue as well. 

So what is Black Magic and Voodoo in Islam?

You dig the grave, get the dead body out and write the Holy Quran verses on that dead body at night in the graveyard. Have you seen this earlier? (Proudly smiles).

Are you also looking forward to expanding as an actor in Hollywood?

Who doesn’t? We all do! Hollywood is ‘God’. If I get another opportunity, I will not see the budget or anything and will pack my bags to fly down and do that film.

Any final messages for your fans, and readers of ThatMomentIn?

Live Bold, Die Bold! Keep spreading love. Only Love will conquer. Nothing else! ThatMomentIn is a wonderful website. A news platform with lot of honesty, I wish them all the luck in the world.

Disclaimer: While we support and wish the best for miss Radheshyamm, her views on certain recent public controversies do not reflect those of ThatMomentIn or any of its staff.