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May 2017

Cage (2017) Review

Cage is a 2017 thriller about a sex chat operator who makes an arrangement with a client that finds her waking up in a nightmare.

Last Man Club (2017) Review

Last Man Club is a 2017 drama about a World War II veteran who escapes a difficult future by heading across country to find the last…

Drone (2017) Review

Drone is a 2017 thriller about a drone pilot who works in secret facing the consequences of exposure for his actions when he meets a…

Lady Bug (2017) Review

Lady Bug is a 2017 horror/thriller about a woman who stows away on a small boat in an attempt to get to her children, only to find herself…

Black Butterfly (2017) Review

Black Butterfly is a 2017 thriller about a writer in an isolated mountain town who invites a drifter into his home with devastating…

Berlin Syndrome (2017) Review

Berlin Syndrome is a 2017 drama about a young woman traveling in Europe who first finds romance and then terror in the company of a man she…

Baywatch (2017) Review

Baywatch is a 2017 action/comedy about a group of lifeguards who uncover a criminal plot that threatens the very waters they protect.