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Here’s 8 Classic Movie Moments In A Cornfield

A few great moments among the corn stalks.

Farms and fields are a popular setting in movies, from classic dramas in the Golden Age to modern hits spanning comedy to horror. We’ve seen all kinds of crops and orchards in stories but there’s something about a cornfield that seems to be most affecting, their tall swaying stalks having a strange eeriness about them that no other crops possess. Maybe that’s why filmmakers use them to help create tension and mystery with such great effect. While this isn’t a comprehensive list, here’s 8 classic moments in a cornfield (not including Children of the Corn).

Signs (2002)

Signs, 2002 © Touchstone Pictures

M. Night Shyamalan was on an unprecedented streak of success at the turn of the millennium after his career-defining hits Sixth Sense (1999) and follow-up Unbreakable (2000) become box office phenomenons, so all eyes were on him with huge expectations when, after a two year-absence, he delivered this original story about a not-so-conventional alien invasion. While it had critics divided, it proved another smash and cemented the director’s position as legit.

The movie follows a family in rural Pennsylvania who experience some odd occurrences on their farm. Turns out only to be the start of something much bigger, and in a twist, the movie purposefully remains local despite the global story, centering on the deeper impact of what it all means to this widower father, his two young kids, and his young brother. Cornfields are featured fairly prominent in the film, but the best scene involving them comes when Graham (Gibson)–having already found crop circles on his land–hears his dog barking in the night at the stalks and so takes a flashlight to investigate (crazy!), coming upon a huge crop circle and hearing some strange clicking sounds. After he drops his flashlight and bends down to pick up, he trains the beam down a narrow opening and catches a little something unexpected sticking out of the corn: a thin grey alien leg withdrawing into the corn. Yeah. He runs. And you can bet most of the popcorn we had on our laps is all over the floor. And for a different kind of scary in the stalks, there’s this moment from …