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‘They Call Us Monsters’ Clip: Documentary On Youths in Prison

A glimpse into this new documentary on young men facing life in jail.

They Call US Monsters is a documentary about the problems of youths who have committed crimes that allow for them to be tried as adults.

The penitentiary and corrections system has long been source for eye-opening and often hard-to-watch films, especially documentaries, where the realities of life behind bars can hit with jarring impact. With They Call Us Monsters, the filmmakers examines young men serving time for violent crimes, focusing on the three teenagers in jail for attempted or first-degree murder. As they await their day in court, they face possible life sentences, being tried as adults. Meanwhile, politicians debate the laws and the families plea their cases as victims of violent crimes share stories as well.

In the clip below, we get a look inside the prison and meet one such inmate who reflects on his past and inspires the name of the film.

Directed by Ben Lear (son of Norman), They Call Us Monsters is now available on iTunes and On Demand. Look for our review coming soon.