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INTERVIEW: Game Warp Talks with Eastshade Developer Danny Weinbaum

Game Warp Video Podcast sits down with developer Danny Weinbaum from Eastshade Studios to talk about his recently released short first person adventure game, Leaving Lyndow set in the universe of his upcoming exploration game, Eastshade.

Discussing both the development and creation of this open world game as well as chatting about the definition of walking simulator genres, our extended conversation with Danny Weinbaum is a must for gamers interested in the process of as well as behind the scenes in what it takes to bring a gaming vision to players.  We also reveal exclusive gameplay footage of Leaving Lyndow, giving hints of what’s to come in the final product. Thanks for watching!

Eastshade Studios
Twitter: @eastshade

Game Warp
Twitter: @GameWarpPodcast


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