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New ‘Dunkirk’ Trailer Reveals Horror On The Beach

Dunkirk is a World War II film about the untold story of an Allied evacuation of the famous beach as German forces come to surround them.

Making a name for himself as one of this generation’s most innovate directors, Christopher Nolan has created some of the more mind-bending movies of the last 20 years, challenging audiences to consider what they are watching with an almost obsessive need. His stories have pushed the industry in ways not thought of previously, and nearly every film has been, on release, subject to great thematic debate. With his latest project, Dunkirk, he turns for the first time, to true events, an historical incident on the shores of France in 1940.

Starring a number of familiar faces from the Nolan film canon, including Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy, the also features renowned British actor and director Kenneth Branagh and recent Academy Award winner Mark Rylance, not to mention singer Harry Styles making his film debut. Nolan, writing alone this time rather with his usual partner and brother Jonathan, looks to accurately tell the story of the costly battle and aftermath, relying on more of his famous use of practical effects rather than on reliance on computer animation.

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This first full-length trailer highlights the real horror of the situation while introducing a large part of the cast. While war movies are no stranger to box office success, and the public’s fascination with reliving many historically true battles help to educate and honor those who committed to these fights, the real draw comes from need to connect with the brave men and women who were part of something most of us can’t fully grasp or even accept as “real” in our hearts and minds. Nolan will undoubtedly put us right into the core of this fiery hell, as did Steven Spielberg nearly two decades ago with Saving Private Ryan.

Dunkirk is scheduled for release on July 21, 2017

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