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‘A Cure For Wellness’ International Trailer is a Snake-Filled Nightmare

A Cure For Wellness is an up-coming thriller about a young man who discovers a wellness center in the Swiss Alpa is not full of the miracles it has reputation for. It is scheduled for release this spring.

If a trailer’s one job is to hook a viewer into wanting to see the finished film it advertises, then the international trailer for visionary director Gore Verbinski‘s A Cure For Wellness might have a problem. For the first 40 seconds, there is everything that works to keep your eyes locked, including the promise of seeing a young, nude, girl in a tub. We’re all in. And then, well, snakes. That could be the tipping point for some.

The trailer is for South Korean theaters, as the splashes of Korean indicate, but it’s not like you need to know what the words say in order to know what is going on, or rather, ask yourself, hey, just what the heck is going on? But in case you do want to know, here’s the translation:

고어 버빈스키 감독의 특별한 초대:

A special invitation from director Gore Verbinski.

이곳에서 당신을 치유하세요:

Heal yourself here.

Either way, that’s Mia Goth in the tub of snakes, a woman participating in the strange and mysterious treatments at a wellness center where Dane DeHaan, playing Mr. Lockhart goes to find his company’s CEO, who has not returned from the isolated Swiss facility. What he discovers of course, is that the healthy aspects of the center are not quite so clear, and his sanity begins to unravel the more he uncovers the truth.

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Verbinski, who has directed three of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Rango, and The Lone Ranger, is also the man who brought us the English language version of The Ring, so he knows a thing or two about visuals and horror. A fan of snakes or not, there is a lot to get excited about in this latest trailer. We’ll all get to see the truth on February 17, 2017.