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Epic Trailer for The Fate of the Furious Turns Dom Against Family

The Fate of the Furious is an action thriller that sees the family of car-driving mercenaries break apart when their leader is lulled away by a mysterious woman. It is scheduled for an April, 2017 release.

The Fast and the Furious franchise is becoming like a Call of Duty video game release, a sort of once-a-year updated title that retreads most of the stuff that works with a few technical upgrades. And to be sure, that isn’t a complaint. When something works, it works. The only evolution the fast cars and expanding cast have had is its push to go bigger and badder, and no matter your opinion of the movies, there’s no denying that is exactly what they have done again.

This spring, the series leaps into the eighth installment with everyone returning from the last movie, save for the late Paul Walker. The plot, while still sketchy, involves the crew being torn apart when the team’s steadfast ‘patriarch’ Dom (Vin Diesel) seemingly betraying them when a mysterious woman (Charlize Theron) tempts him into a crime spree. This shatters the group, who have long held Dom as their foundation.

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Now it means the gang has got to on the hunt for their best friend, and that means Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson), a DSS agent who had allied himself with Dom earlier, needs to round up some help, including Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham), the villain from the last movie. It’s not a new idea, but at least is a clever one for the series, and keeps the chaos within the group.

And that chaos is extensive. The trailer is basically a montage of incredible vehicular stunt work, something the franchise has always prided itself on doing with mostly practical effects. More clips and trailers are sure be coming.

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