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12 Adorably Cute Video Game Characters In Brutal Situations

There are a lot of adorably cute characters in the gaming world. We all know that. Think of Mario’s little dinosaur Yoshi or Final Fantasy’s Chocobo. “Aww,” you’re saying. Well sometimes these little fellows get themselves into the most troublesome situations, from fighting evil monsters to death-defying puzzles and everything in-between. And it’s up to us to keep them alive, or in one case, be incredibly deadly. Here are 12 adorably cute video game characters in brutal situations.

Blob From Hopeless: The Dark Cave

Hopeless: The Dark Cave is a mobile game featuring a little yellow blob and his fellow blob buddies who enter one by one (or altogether) as monsters come to kidnap them. Our job is to help these scared blobs sitting in the dark to shoot off random firearms to scare the monsters away before everyone is taken. When we wander away from our job (aka not play the game for a while), the blobs give us a cute notification that they are scared or see monsters. How many waves can you survive?

Yarny in Unravel

Yarny is a red yarn boy. He is on an important mission to retrieve all the memories that were lost by the old woman who owns his ball of yarn. He travels back to some dangerous places including acid pools and different seasons. Yarny is an innocent and clumsy little guy who can only go as far as his yarn allows. He can't swim or defend himself even if his yarn gives him many ways to move about. Electric circuits, ocean waves, crabs and crows that steal our buttons are just some of the obstacles you will encounter. Oh, and the team at Coldwood Studio made sure you will know how Yarny feels as he goes through different scenarios with his various reactions. Check out our podcast and review

Spooky in Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion

Spooky is the innocent and cute ghost that welcomes us before venturing on the one thousand room run in Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion. It doesn't take us long to realize that she is ominous despite her bubbly and cute voice. If her sarcastic humor didn't give her away at the beginning, we know she is up to no good when she gives us a gift of jump scare panels as our first surprise. What starts off as cute adventure gets dark really fast and her mansion has some incredibly dangerous monsters lurking in its corners.

Natalia in Resident Evil: Revelations 2

Co-op or alternating character gameplay is not frequent in Resident Evil franchise. We had Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil 5 and this one, Resident Evil: Revelations 2. Natalia is a little girl that you play who essentially can only defend herself by throwing rocks at the monsters and can crawl through tight spaces. She can unlock various locks with her small.hands and spot some shiny items. She relies on her companion character Barry to protect her. How does that make for good gameplay? Perhaps it is the danger she can get in if she doesn’t run away quick enough and the questions about who she is.

Lemmings in Lemmings

What’s a list without a little retro love? Lemmings are little green-haired fellows with different assigned abilities. Our job is to use them properly to build or dig a path to get them to the exit with as few deaths as possible. They are only pixelated little characters but they are tiny bunch in a big world. And it shows. Even their motions reveal strain and weakness, especially when they need a parachute to go down high cliffs that for example, Lara Croft would have no problem with. 

Sackboy in Little Big Planet

What kind of a list of cute characters would this be without the extremely goofy Sackboy. Also, the character that never fails to bring us right back to Little Big Planet franchise every single time to go on his outrageous and creative adventure. Sackboy can only do a few basic movements from walking, jumping and holding on and swinging. He is a rucksack base full of cute little costumes and a big zipper in his front and a head too big for his little body. Sackboy is in a weird cardboard world and while it doesn't look too dangerous filled with its charmingly odd characters, there are a lot of hazards waiting for you in every level. Fortunately, he's armed with some very adorable expressions to face it all.

Clony in Badlands

What is Clony? We asked that question in our Badland review as well. Clony is a black blob-like alien creature with wings. It can flap about through the maps and save as much of his clones while dodging obstacles. Clony has big eyes that peer out from his body. He can get smaller and more nimble and bigger and more clumsy but he is vulnerable to being squished and cut up.

Six in Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares currently can only be seen in a trailer and web demo but it introduces the terrifying world Six lives within. She is a kidnapped little girl who tries to escape from The Maw, an underwater resort to the most elite. A tiny girl with a big  yellow hood covering her head running through dangers, Six encounters a number of particularly creepy (and slightly silly) looking butchers. The web demo spares no expense in showing us that Six is vulnerable to our misjudged actions. 

Yuffie Kisaragi from Final Fantasy 7

Yuffie is a Ninja and thief as well as a cocky, brash and occasionally aggressive tomboy who sees little issue with adding to her own legacy by bestowing titles such as “Great Ninja Yuffie” and “The Single White Rose of Wutai” upon herself. However despite the cute exterior and humorously giant shuriken she welds she comes with the highest luck stat as well as the most reliable ultimate weapon in the game with “Conformer”.

It’s actually possible to go through the game without even recruiting Yuffie to your party seeing how like Vincent she has to be discovered and even then you have to ensure that you say the right things to have her join your party. She does however provide a number of alternative takes on key scenes throughout the game if she is present making her worth hunting down.

Vivi Ornitier from Final Fantasy 9

Chances are if you have been to any convention featuring cosplayers you will have encountered more than a couple of Vivi imitators as he remains of the few characters to break away from what has become of the more overlooked entries in the series. Despite looking like the fantasy world version of a Jawa, this little black Mage is only further added to by his clumsy and shy personality as he stumbles over his own words, while his lack of self conference also makes him reluctant to use his magic abilities but when he does he soon proves himself to be one of the key members of the group. 

Merryn from Song of the Deep

Merryn is the young heroine in this year’s Metroidvania-style indie game, Song of the Deep. She is only twelve years old and is thrusted upon with the mission to scour the deep, dark and dangerous sea in a search and rescue for her father. In an unimaginable way, she builds a little rickety submarine and dives underwater to explore and realize that the stories her father told her is coming true and the dangers are numerous. Merryn is not your typical heroine, in fact she is rather helpless but extremely determined. Check out our podcast review here.

Cham Cham from Samurai Showdown

Taking the place of her brother Tam Tam from the previous game and who here has been transformed into her pet chimpanzee Paku Paku making you wonder who at SNK loved repetition so much.  Cham Cham would strangely make her debut the same year as fellow catgirl Felicia from Capcom’s “Darkstalkers."

Armed with a giant boomerang she brings a youthful and playful energy to the game while at the same time quick to anger if she feels she is being insulted. At the same time unlike other catgirls she embraces her feline side as she walks on all fours, while taunting her opponents by meowing or scratching behind her ear with her foot. The fact that she can also use her Chimpanze to attack her opponent only adding to her charms.