Here’s 5: Sorority Girls Horror Movie Classics

Getting pretty, young girls in skimpy outfits or straight up none at all has never been more prevalent in mainstream movies than the horror genre with a sorority girl theme a natural choice to give it some sexy context. While the trend peaked in the late 80s, they were a ubiquitous bunch on TV and in the theater and still occasionally get a new life in modern movies. Today’s Here’s 5 are sorority girls horror movie classics from days gone by.



Nightmare Sisters (1988)

Three less-than-popular girls at the cleverly named Tri Eata Pie, are looking to have some fun so invite a trio of similarly awkward frat boys over to party. When they hold a seance to liven things up though, the girls become possessed by a sexually-driven succubus and it's a night of rampant demonic erotica for the boys and another trio of typical bad guy frat boys who crash the party. This direct-to-video movie has loads of topless nudity for fans, while 80s cheese gives it the real fun.

Hell Night (1981)

Getting into a frat or its sister sorority isn't so easy for four pledges hazing to get into Alpha Sigma Rho. They must spend the night at Garth Manor, a supposedly haunted house where twelve years earlier, a father butchered his family. Legend says though that the youngest boy's body was never found and that, all grown up, he still lives in the mansion, waiting to kill. Post Exorcist star Linda Blair has a thing or two to say about that.

Black Christmas (1974)

A group of girls in a sorority house begin getting weird phone calls that at first they think is a prank. They play along but when one of them suddenly goes missing, and then hear that a local girl has been murdered, they suspect maybe there is a twisted killer out there closing in on them. Little do they know just how close he is. Remade in 2006, this one, starring a pre-Superman Margot Kidder is the superior.

Killer Party (1986)

After sorority pledge Vivia (Sherry Willis-Burch) makes it through hazing with a spectacular prank, she is tasked with putting together a big April Fool's party where all the hot boys will be invited. She hosts it at an old abandoned frat house (of course) where a student had been killed years earlier (double of course) and now a demon has come to the party to makes sure everyone has a killer time. Epic 80s rule!

Sorority House Massacre II (1990)

A follow-up to the original, this slightly better slasher film is another where sexy sorority girls are trapped in a house where, naturally, a brutal bloody murder happened earlier. Complete with a dark and dreary basement, a Ouija board, and evil possession, the girls dutifully spend much of there time in skimpy underwear or topless as they try (often unsuccessfully) to fend off a madman with lots of stabby ideas. Classic not to be missed.

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