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Se7en (1995): Our “Seven Deadly Sins” Episode

That Moment In Podcast is a bi-weekly show where we review movies in unexpected ways, digging into classic moments and asking the hard questions. Plus we laugh. A lot. Join us this time as we peak inside the 1995 Brad Pitt movie, Se7en.

In this episode, hosts David and Melissa break down the classic crime thriller from director David Fincher, about a serial killer committing unspeakable murders in the name of the seven deadly sins. So what’s inside? Well, Mel’s got her epic haiku description while David rolls out the one line alliterative summary (this week featuring “S”). In the 5 x 5, we ask ten questions about the movie and try to find answers (Just what is up with Tracy and why is she so intent on connecting with Somerset?) before revealing That Moment In, a scene in the movie we don’t necessarily think is the best moment, but one that is crucial to the story and important in developing the plot. It might surprise you. Then it’s time for the Other Moments, a rundown of moments in the film that deserve a closer look, if not a few laughs (hint: library). Can you guess our rating? Take a listen and see if you agree. And remember, every movie has one great moment.

 Go ahead. Push play.

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