Here’s 5: Powerful Piano Movies You Should Play

The piano is one of the most popular instruments in the world and its appearance in movies has long been featured in stories from the golden age to today. Often seen in important moments, sometimes they are the very focus of the story. Have you seen them all? Today’s Here’s 5 are powerful piano movies you should play.



The Legend of 1900 (1998)

A baby is found abandoned on an ocean liner in 1900 and is so named by the man who takes him in. The boy never leaves the ship, even after his adoptive father passes on, and he becomes a musical prodigy (played by Tim Roth), especially on the piano, playing for passengers. A touching story of talent and eternal friendship, this mixed language film is close to being perfect.

The Pianist (2002)

Polish Jewish radio station pianist (Adrian Brody) is in Warsaw as the German occupation of Europe begins during World War II, and as the city is overrun and its citizens, including his family, are sent to concentration camps, he manages to hide in the rubble of his city. A devastating true story of human spirit and survival, it's a must-see piano film.

Ray (2004)

Rhythm and blues legend Ray Charles (Jamie Foxx) gets his story told in a number of flashbacks that detail the man's epic journey from troubled youth to superstardom. An award-winning biopic, it chronicles the musician's battle with drugs and other hardships while featuring great music from a number of his classic performances.

Immortal beloved (1994)

The life story of Ludwig van Beethoven (Gary Oldman) is one not just of music but mystery as told in this film that attempts to answer who a love letter the embattled composer once wrote was meant for, despite the man having numerous lovers. A stirring performance by Oldman grounds this deeply satisfying film.

The Piano (1993)

In the 1850's, a mute woman named Ada (Holly Hunter) is sent to New Zealand with her young daughter (Anna Paquin) in an arranged marriage, but it is her piano she loves most. When her jealous husband (Sam Neill) makes a deal to give the piano to a neighbor, she becomes his teacher and an affair begins. A tragic loves story that hits all the right keys.

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