Here’s 5: Thrilling Train Movies You Probably Never Saw

There’s been plenty of big budget movies involving trains, from comedy to horror, they are a great setting for all kinds of genres. One of the more popular of course is suspense as the claustrophobic space and high speed make for the perfect ingredients. But have you seen them all? Today’s Here’s 5 are thrilling train movies you probably never saw.



Breakheart Pass (1975)

DIRECTOR: Tom Gries     STARS: Charles Bronson, Ben Johnson
Two words: Charles Bronson. That should pretty much be all you need to read to know that this one's got plenty of action and badassery. Leading an ensemble cast, the story centers on a medical supply train loaded with mystery as nothing is as it seems with murder and mayhem first on the list. Gunfights, fist-a-cuffs, train wrecks, and explosions. What more could you want?

The Cassandra Crossing (1976)

DIRECTOR: Carlo Ponti     STARS: Sophia Loren, Martin Sheen
A European train is filled with passengers possibly infected by a terrorists contracted with a deadly viral plague. Now, to prevent it from spreading and causing a potential worldwide epidemic, authorities must decide the fate of all aboard. Naturally, chaos ensues as the passengers panic and the train, rerouted, speeds toward an unused steel arch bridge in disrepair. It's a silly as it sounds.

The Taking of Pelham 123 (1974)

DIRECTOR: Joseph Sargent     STARS: Walter Matthau, Robert Shaw
When a gang of dangerous, heavily-armed thugs take a New York City subway and its passengers hostage, they demand a frightening ransom: pay a million bucks in an hour or one passenger every minute dies afterward. In steps Transit Authority cop Zachary Garber (Walter Matthau) to try and dissolve the situation and keep everyone alive. Remade twice, this one is still the best.

Transsiberian (2008)

DIRECTOR: Brad Anderson     STARS: Woody Harrelson, Emily Mortimer
A man and woman decide to travel across Russia on the famous Trans-Siberian railway, thinking it will be a nice close to their adventure in China. They think wrong. Their cabin mates are a pair of drug runners and soon enough, there's murder and mystery aboard this speeding train with no way out for the trapped and cornered couple. Missed by many, this is a gripping thriller.

Runaway Train (1985)

DIRECTOR: Andrei Konchalovsky     STARS: Jon Voigt, Eric Roberts
A hardened prisoner, who spent three years in solitary with his bars welded shut, escapes his Alaskan prison with a younger fellow inmate, duking into the frozen tundra before stowing away on a four-locomotive train. Problem is, they don't know the engineer just died of a heart attack and now the train is a runaway, just like them. Add a ruthless, maniacal warden to the chase and this is a snow-covered action thriller not to be missed.

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