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Be A Video Game Voice Actor: Game Warp Has the Details on “Explorers Wanted”

In this special episode of Game Warp, we’re talking about a cool contest from video game developer Bioware called, ‘Explorers Wanted,’ where they are hunting down voice actors for two roles in their up-coming Mass Effect game. The contest is open until September 28, 2016. All the information is below.

Yup, it’s true. You could be a video game character. Or as least your voice could be. Two characters, one named Jordan Tate and the other simply Tough Mercenary will be voiced by Mass Effect fans and if you enter now, you might be the one. We go into details in this special mini-episode of Game Warp. We would love to hear in the comments who you liked and any comments on our voice work.

Explorers Wanted Contest
Mass Effect Andromeda:

Game Warp
Twitter: @GameWarpPodcast

*NOTE: Game Warp and its partner ThatMomentIn are not officially entering and are receiving no compensation or sponsorship for promoting this contest. This post is solely for entertainment purposes. 
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