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Open Bar (2016) Game Review

Launched earlier this year, Open Bar entered the mobile game market with a unique theme for a puzzle game. As the name suggests, it’s all about the drinks, and uses a color scheme based on cocktails that unlocks as you progress. Take at seat at the bar and let’s play.

Open Bar is the first game from Gingear Studios, a Canadian game developer. As there is a competitive and high demand for mobile games, particularly puzzle games–they being the perfect solution for a quick fix–Open Bar faces a challenge but has more than what it takes and will most definitely scratch that gaming itch, or quench your thirst as it were. There is no story, only the above-mentioned themes, however, it is indeed far more than just these appealing themes. Open Bar also has is a bit of wordplay, the title being directly related to the gameplay. Our job as player is to rearrange bars in three moves to eliminate them all from the board to pass each level. The developers have taken this simple path of a three moves per round for every level and it never lets you down. There are lots of missions to complete and plenty of hints are available as in-app purchases or for free with an ad. Open Bar takes a simple idea but proves that there is a plenty of challenge and concept that proves less is more.

And let’s talk about that art style. To match its theme, the background floats with this little bubbles just like you would see in champagne animations. For the puzzle itself, the level you are in will show the color scheme. For example, Blue Lagoon will be a mesh of blue and green (and 2 other colors as the difficulty builds) whereas Bloody Mary is a mesh or red and green. There is also subtle and soothing music in the background which makes it a little thought-provoking and surprisingly relaxing experience. Even in the harder levels. It is difficult to determine which is more motivating: the music, the color scheme or the appeal of the simplistic puzzles. It’s that good.

Open Bar is a superior-designed puzzle game that grasps the concept of being quick, simple yet challenging while implementing a fun cocktail theme. With its fun color mixes and the different missions to increase the difficulty and the option of hints to help, this is an exceptionally fun mobile game. Available for both iOS and Android, there’s not excuse not to give it a try.

Open Bar (2016

Game Credits

Developer: Ginger Studio
Genre: Puzzle
Playform: Android, iOS

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