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6 Free Mobile Games You Straight Up Need To Play

Have some free time? Of course you do! You’re reading this, right? Perhaps you’re riding the bus or waiting for a download to finish. You’re definitely not in class supposed to be doing your math homework. You’ve already crushed Candy Crush Saga and now you want something new. Doesn’t matter. You’ve got free time and we’ve got mobile games that will not only kill that free time, they’ll bury it and send its next of kin flowers. Black ones. Be warned, however, these games are so addictive, you may want to say goodbye to your friends and family until the rescue party finds you.

Flow Free

Free Mobile Games

Flow Free is a puzzle game that is extremely simple to learn. Have you matched colored dots before? Yes, you went to kindergarten. How about maneuvered through paths? You could do it blindfolded. Well, then you are absolutely ready to tackle this clever puzzle game. The goal of Flow Free is to connect colored dots to each other without overlapping other color flows while filling up the entire board. That is until we get bridges but we’ll let you discover that on your own. It may sound easy but wait ’till the bigger boards arrive and have you pondering the meaning of life. Don’t let those first few levels trick you. When this one kicks in, it kicks in with a BAM. But the reward for putting the smack down on these puzzles is pure chocolate satisfaction. (Chocolate sold separately). 

Criminal Case

Free Mobile Games

Not everyone are puzzle fans and maybe match 3 games aren’t your thing. But are you a fan of I Spy? Here’s where Criminal Case tickles that memory bone. First, you can customize the detective however you want, whenever you want during the game, but that’s not really the point. You’re here to solve cases (eventually with a trusty dog companion if you’d like) and you do that by finding clues through complicated object searching. Even if that sounds silly (it’s totally not) there are still forensic aspects to this game that when they go through analysis, have fingerprint matching puzzles and DNA search games to tease your melon. Lots of witty characters and cool if not brutal crime scenes keep you wanting to explore. While Criminal Case can get addictive, it also has a limited amount of energy to use and you will need to wait for it to charge up before continuing. Time for a breather. Or . . . 

Free Mobile Games

For the number lovers among us, 2048 will be your new sugar. It is about combining the square of numbers starting from 2 and building it until your board acquires 2048. Sounds simple? It is not. There may be tricks and strategies but in the end, the numbers that pop up are unpredictable and it is a game that probably will make you jump for joy and run around bragging to your friends when you get that four digit number to appear on your screen. We say probably because honestly, we wouldn’t know. We’re still trying to get there. Shapes are more our thing. Cute cuddly shapes. Hey . . . .

Dumb Ways to Die

Free Mobile Games

But you’re saying, “Sure, these games look fun, but we want weird!” Well if weird is what you want . . . listen to this set up: Dumb Ways to Die was put together as a follow-up to the animated Australian public service announcement by Metro Trains to promote safe commuting. (We don’t make these things, we just play them). Who knew a catchy promo song would turn into a cute little game about surviving dangerous mini games that go faster and faster with each round? We guess Australia did. It’s adorable and quirky and absurd and with a ton of quick play games, it will keep you on track for fun. See what we did there?

Cut the Rope

Free Mobile Games

Seriously. If you haven’t already payed this game, why do you even have a mobile phone? But pretending that you’re just hearing about this for the first time, you have one job in Cut the Rope and that is to deliver candy into the mouth our hungry little green monster, Om Nom. By a series of . . . well, cutting ropes . . . plus popping bubbles and pushing air out of balloons, you move the floating candy around (just for starters), until it drops into his gapping, toothy maw. It becomes a test of quick reflexes, agile problem solving and not wanting to hurl your phone across the room. But we never do that.

Geometry Dash

Free Mobile Games

Speaking of picking up the pieces of a once perfectly useful phone, no quick fix of mobile games is complete without the rage quit master, Geometry Dash. Bum, bum buuum. Did you hear that? Anyway, it’s an upbeat rhythm game that is winnable depending solely on how fast you can move your fingers. It is easy to get through the first few levels because the soulless creators of these demon monster want you to think you can win, but the difficulties increases fast as your skills build and you fingers cramp. Easy to learn, hard to master. No game quite carries that phrase as well as this little upbeat musical gem we LOVE to hate. No really. We’re playing it right now.

Which type of mobiles games are your style? Have you played any of these choices before?

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