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‘Gang Beasts’ Early Access Multiplayer Mayhem

Ready to flip and flop towards victory against your friends? Gang Beasts might be the multiplayer party game made just for you!

Developed by Boneloaf and currently in Early Access on Steam since August 2014, Gang Beasts is a silly local multiplayer game with colorful characters that flip and flop around while trying to toss and fight opponents in order to be the last thing(?) standing. In the current Early Access, it allows for two to eight players (couch co-op!) in each gang fight with fourteen playable stages set in their fictional town of Beef City.

Gang Beasts is a fun and amusing party game. The little gelatinous characters have floppy and inaccurate movements. Whether they are punching out another character or holding on to avoid their death in a bottomless pit, it provides enough challenges and plenty of goofy joy with their haphazard and unpredictable movements.   

Gang Beasts (Boneloaf )

The characters have customizable skins that can give them different appearances. They can be played in animal onesies varying in skin color. It may look incredibly cute but it is also full of brutal moments. The goal is to use the only weapon you have: your “hands” to grab, push, pull, shove and punch the other players in perilous environments.  The environments can be fighting on window cleaning scaffolds or in the metro platforms with constant trains zooming on both sides or even on top of a haulage truck. 

There is no release date for the full version yet. However, when completed, the full version is aiming to have a single and co-op story modes available with boss fights and enemies. It will have more variety in character bodies along with new environments and stages. Furthermore, it will also have mini-games and tournament modes.

2677395-boxGenre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Early Access

Developer: Boneloaf

Publisher: Double Fine Presents 

Platform: Steam (Coming to PS4)

Release Date: (Early Access) 29 Aug, 2014

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