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‘Sun Choke’ (2016) Official Trailer Sneak Peek

A women trying to recover from a traumatic mental incident struggles to cope under an unusual therapeutic treatment. Watch the trailer and read on for more.

Janie (Sarah Hagan) recently suffered a serious psychotic break and is now under the care of an older in-house nanny named Irma (Barbara Crampton) who maintains a very strict regiment. This includes a disturbing cycle of troubling holistic therapies that begin to have profound effect on the patient. When she’s given a chance to go outside, Janie meets another young woman named Savannah (Sara Malakul Lane) and immediately becomes obsessed. As the three women converge in an escalating battle for control, so too does the brutality, including electrical collars with three increasingly painful settings.

Directed Ben Cresciman, (who also wrote), this psychological thriller looks to be a tension heavy slow burn with some truly frightening behavior that is sure to have us guessing about who is really the bad one. Both Crampton and Hagan are seriously compelling and the sublime sense of dread is helped by the rich cinematography. This shift from straight-up horror to more mind-bending psycho-dramas is great to see and this one shows a lot of promise.

Sun Choke open August 5, 2016

Sun Choke


Ben Cresciman


Ben Cresciman


Christina Amber, Derek Bevil, Jim Boeven