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‘No Stranger Than Love’ (2016) Official Trailer Sneak Peek

A young woman in a small town finally meets a nice guy, only to have him fall through a hole in her living room floor that traps him there while everyone else thinks he’s missing.

Quirky romantic comedies are the bread and butter of independent film circuit, with many being refreshing takes on the standard Hollywood fare. With No Stranger Than Love, once again, falling in love gets the indie spin, and looks to be a charming little gem with a fun twist. Alison Brie plays Lucy Sherrington, a small town single art teacher, beloved in her community who starts a relationship with the married high school football coach played by Colin Hanks. When he confesses he loves her, the living room floor opens up and he is swallowed into a black hole that traps him in a strange one-dimensional plane. Now she has to figure out how to get him out while the rest of the town thinks he’s gone missing, led by (obvious new love interest) Justin Chatwin.

Directed by Nick Wernham, this amusing, richly metaphorical story is sweetly presented and textbook indie, but has some promise with the adorable Brie (who the filmmakers managed to have in her underwear for a good part of this clip) in the lead and a delicious slightly dark fairytale feel. Written by Steve Adams, who believe it or not was a writer on the Donny and Marie show in the 1970s, No Stranger Than Love doesn’t look to veer to far off the well-worn path of those that have come before it, but does have a hook that is strong enough to make it one to put on the list.

No Stranger Than Love opens June 17, 2016

No Stranger Than Love


Nick Wernham


Steve Adams


Alison Brie, Justin Chatwin, Colin Hanks

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