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‘Dreadout: Keepers of the Dark’ Promises Chilling Fun

Indonesian horror series Dreadout is back with a new standalone horror game that will give you nightmares.  

In 2014, Indonesian episodic psychological horror Dreadout was released. Developed by Digital Happiness, Dreadout has Act One and Two currently available on Steam. It also has a free demo. This horror game is known for its atmospheric horror take.  Similar to the Fatal Frame series, it focuses on a story about the main character using a camera to repel and fight ghosts. Dreadout uses both a first person and third person perspective when using the camera and free roaming respectively.

The story of Dreadout starts with a group of students and their teacher Miss Siska that takes a wrong turn and ends up trapped in an abandoned village. We play as Linda who learns she has a gift that can save her friends from what haunts and keeps them there. Using her smartphone and digital camera, she uses this to defend herself as she finds clues and solves puzzles that leads her further into hopefully finding a way out.

The newest addition to Dreadout is a standalone game recently released on March 24 on Steam called Keepers of the Dark. This game sends Linda into the Mirror Realm after The Mysterious Lady in Red pulls her into the mirror in Dreadout. The Mirror Realm holds 8 different rooms that holds a variety of spirits (more than thirteen ghosts) with a story to tell that she needs to banish through finding items and solving puzzles. Some areas are the same as those featured in the main game keeping it well within the Dreadout universe, but these are all new ghost stories to discover. In addition, some cutscenes also further the main storyline of Dreadout as you explore this new realm.

The Dreadout series has offered creepy horror atmospheres and The Keepers in the Dark promises to be no exception.

DreadoutDeveloper: Digital Happiness

Publisher: PT Digital Semantika Indonesia

Platform: Microsoft Windows (Steam)

Mode: Single Player

Release Date: March 24th, 2016
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