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‘Doom’ New Trailer Teases More Bloody Fun

The long-awaited reboot of the beloved first-person shooter in coming soon and a new cinematic trailer sets the tone for the upcoming game that will feature big monster, big guns, and big action. Just what we want. Watch the trailer and read on.

DOOM, for those of you have never ever heard of a video game, is the name of what is considered the most influential title in the video game industry. Published in 1993, it created the FPS genre and introduced gameplay modes that standardized the industry. There have been several sequels and spin-offs in the decades since, including a reboot in 2004 (Doom 3) with advanced graphics and gameplay. From then to now has been a long journey.

Doom 4, as this current game was first called, was announced in 2008, and was hinted at taking place on Earth, dropping the horror themes of the more recent titles and returning to the core story of the first. In the following years, the develops assured that the game was still in development and that it would exceed expectations with both a full single-player campaign and a separate multiplayer experience. Not long after, id Software, the game’s developer was acquired by Bethesda Softworks, and once again, the title was said to be a priority with the team behind the recently shipped Rage, another experimental FPS, shifting their focus to Doom 4. By 2013, lead developer John Carmack left id to work at Oculus VR. By the middle of 2013, the game was sent back to the drawing board and with a title change and a new commitment to a stronger story, and a year later, a teaser trailer was previewed at E3 2014.

The issue was the change in gaming from big budget franchises like Call of Duty and Battlefield, which Bethesda felt their vision could not compete with, thus the change in direction. With that, they put the emphasis on gameplay rather than story, inspired by what creative designer Hugo Martin said, “rock & roll”. Fast-paced and graphically the best they current systems can handle, Doom is meant to be a beautiful, chaotic, non-stop action game. From the trailers, it look to be just that. Whether it can bring in new fans and keep the old ones is the catch.

DOOM releases May, 2016