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‘Final Fantasy XV’: Go Play the Free Demo NOW

Final Fantasy is the renowned role-playing game that almost defined the genre itself. Final Fantasy was released back in 1987 by Square Co. Ltd, which is now the company we know as Square Enix, on NES. From then till now, the gaming world has seen the Final Fantasy series grow from sequel to sequel and this year, we’re anticipating the 15th installment to be released on September 30, 2016.

The freshest great news is that Final Fantasy XV has just launched the Platinum Demo and its free on Xbox One and PS4. This upcoming single player role playing game is the story about Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Lucis called Noctis and his quest to reclaim his land from the imperial army. With friends, Noctis will go on an ultimate fantasy adventure to venture into the world of Eos, defeat some ginormous creatures and powerful enemies. It’s just another ordinary day in the world of Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy XV

However, the Platinum demo puts the players into the dreamscape of young Noctis in a story not told in the game. Noctis is accompanied by a magical guide Carbuncle, that looks something like our world’s fennec fox. In the game, there will be magic and the new look at the new combat system and even some driving. What more can us gamers ask for? Its an exciting day for Final Fantasy fans and maybe even first timers to experience the magic of this franchise.

Why are you still here (if you own a PS4 and Xbox One)? I won’t hold you up any longer from downloading this demo and giving it a go! Stay tuned for a review, coming soon!


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