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‘Deliver Us The Moon’ Video Game Trailer Is Out of this World

Recently successfully funded on Kickstarter, Deliver Us the Moon takes us on a journey to the moon with one astronaut who is the only hope for the survival of Earth.

Dutch game developer KoekeN Interactive was founded in 2013.  There are currently three projects under their helm: Horrinth, The Ocean and of course, Deliver Us the Moon. They thrive on bringing a 3D gaming experience that is more than simply playing a game.

Deliver Us the Moon is set in a future where the world cannot come to agreement on how to survive the depleted Earth. Together, multiple nations from the Worldwide Space Agency (WSA) where they send astronauts to the moon to research a future for Earth.  This is where the player starts as he is sent off to space with the help of a little robot called ASE to “deliver the moon” while he explores the moon and its abandoned facilities.  

The gameplay is based mostly on world exploration.  The player can choose between first person and third person gameplay at any point.  ASE is a cute little robot that trails behind and helps like a partner would in games, reinforcing the importance of teamwork.  The trailers and demo gameplay show a refined 3D world with secrets to be uncovered in its story-driven experience.  

Deliver Us the Moon is going to be released by episodes.  The first episode is expected to launch in August 2016 on PC and Xbox One.
For more information, you can go to their website or their Kickstarter page.

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