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‘Jane Wants a Boyfriend’ (2016) Trailer

A young woman with autism living in New York City begins looking for a boyfriend with the help of her older sister, discovering that the real world is very different from that shown in her favorite movies.

Centering on Jane (Louisa Krause), a twenty-something with Aspergers, her parents announce they are moving out of their Brownstone and suggest that Jane live with her older sister Bianca (Eliza Dushku), who has recently gotten engaged. The over-protective Bianca takes Jane in and the two develop a new relationship while Jane attracts a nebbish young man named Jack (Gabriel Ebert). Jane and Jack begin dating and the difficulties of Jane’s genuine issues mixed with the ups and down of first love make for some challenges.

Directed by William Sullivan from a screenplay by Jarret Kerr, Jane Wants a Boyfriend is an independent film with a mostly no-name cast. Dushku, who has had a long career in television and several well-known films, is in support here, though appears to have a number of powerful moments. While her life gets flipped upside down, naturally she grows more attached to her sister, who is in need of someone to take of her. Krause, who is best known for roles in Young Adult and Martha Marcy May Marlene, is convincing as Jane and might have found her break-out part. There is great chemistry between her and Ebert, with some solid moments in the clip featuring humor and drama.

The issue of her autism is obviously the heart of the plot and while it seems to play a major part in nearly every aspect of the trailer, it looks to be handled well, as Jane is extremely high-functioning. Not too sentimental or manipulative, the relationship Jane has with both her sister and Jack are mostly shown as light with the expected challenges, though there are sure to be some major conflicts that will test their bonds.

Jane Wants a Boyfriend opens March 25, 2016

Jane Wants a Boyfriend


William Sullivan


Jarret Kerr (as Jarret F. Kerr)


Louisa Krause, Eliza Dushku, Lindsay Arber, Amir Arison, Jon Bass, Gabriel Ebert

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