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‘One More Time’ (2016) Trailer

‘One More Time’ tells the story of a once successful crooner trying to get his talented rock singing daughter out of her rut and back on the road she was destined to be traveling.

Cliché might be the first word to describe the latest from legendary actor Christopher Walken, playing a former New York City singing act that is looking for a comeback, perhaps by hitching a ride on the duet craze of old and new groups coming together. Meanwhile, his daughter Jude (Amber Heard) is wallowing in mediocrity, singing jingles and having one night stands, seemingly directionless while possessed with a great talent. When she needs a place to live, she comes calling and the two clash and try to find a way to be a father and daughter.

Directed by Robert Edwards, this by the numbers trailers seems to have all the tropes in order with not much creativity, sadly. The tired story of talented people not realizing their potential is stretched thin at best, but so is the conflict of an aging father and a brash child who is following in the footsteps but wants it at their own pace and direction. That leaves us only with the hope of good performances, and fortunately, Walken appears to be a perfect fit. His turn in 2012’s A Late Quartet was astonishingly good and hopefully he will bring some of that reflective inner turmoil to this story as well. Heard, here in the yawn-inducing pink hair, is a bright young talent who has steadily paved her way to success with solid performances, might bring something fresh to the role of bitter ‘in their father’s shadow’ troubled child, but from this clip, full of prosaic one liners and foggy cutaways, doesn’t appear like she will. This looks like a late weekend rental.

One More Time opens in theaters April 8, 2016

One More Time



Robert Edwards


Christopher Walken, Amber Heard, Kelli Garner, Oliver Platt