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‘Pinstripe’ Game Trailer Teases Journey To Hell

Almost four years in development, Atmos Games presents Pinstripe, a 2D adventure game that takes you to Hell. Check out the announcement trailer and read on for more.

Pinstripe is a story about an ex-minister called Teddy that goes to Hell in search to save his kidnapped daughter.  What makes Pinstripe even more admirable is that it is a one-man development team.  This ambitious and creative mastermind behind Pinstripe is Thomas Brush.  He has previously brought two indie games called Coma and Skinny, both have won gaming awards, more specifically for the music.

The first look of Pinstripe looks beautiful and haunting all at the same time.  If the launch trailer is any indication, the music is mesmerizing to match the story and adventure it is trying to bring forth.  It promises bizarre characters and aims to trigger our childhood curiosity, both are intriguing traits for a game.  


The gameplay promises to be simple at the core. It will feature interesting puzzles and creatures to shoot with Teddy’s shotgun and meeting various bizarre characters on this journey.  

With simplistic and casual gameplay, the player can focus on the art, music, and story, and become immersed in the beautiful atmosphere. The goal of Pinstripe is to make you feel like a kid again without being bogged down with stuff that is confusing and unnecessarily.”-Kickstarter

Pinstripe is expected to launch on Steam later this year. Currently, there are few days left to its Kickstarter campaign. The campaign itself has already reached a few stretch goals: Bonus Level, Adventure+ (for further discoveries in second playthrough), voice acting and the mobile version.  
Check out the Kickstarter campaign HERE!


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