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‘The Meddler’ (2016) First Trailer

The Meddler, the latest from director Loren Scafaria, centers on a recently widowed woman who travels with her to Los Angeles, hoping to make her a project in her life though after meeting her friends, finds plenty more to keep her busy.


Quirky and charming are two easy words to describe the films of Scafaria, who last directed Seeking a Friend for the End of World and wrote the screenplay for Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist. With The Meddler, she’s back as it again in this charming trailer that is filled with the witticisms and endearing characters that have come to define her films. Susan Surandon is the lonely mother who needs a project to keep her mind free of her recent loss and Rose Byrne is her daughter, recognizing that need and trying to deflect while keeping her close.

Sarandon, who has made a career out of exuberant, eccentric characters, is in great form here, as she continues to age with incredible grace. While the trailer focuses a lot on the comedic side of the film, there are hints of the drama sure to have impact, and as Scafaria revealed in our interview with her, there is inspiration behind the character’s motivations. Byrne looks to be shedding the glamorous image she often holds (though always with a great sense of humor), putting less emphasis on her natural beauty and coming off much more down to earth. The two have some great chemistry in the clip, as do Sarandon and J.K. Simmons as her new, motorcycle (no, Harley Davidson) riding love interest.

In a time of endless superheroes and bland romantic comedies, it’s refreshing to see stories outside studio comfort zones. Character-driven movies are falling to the wayside as action and special effects dominate the box office, which has left many theater-goers numb. While certainly not a groundbreaking film, The Meddler doesn’t look to be trying to be anything more than a touching tale between a mother and her daughter, a mix of good humor and personal drama.

The Meddler opens April 22, 2016.



Lorene Scafaria


Lorene Scafaria


Rose Byrne, Megalyn Echikunwoke, Susan Sarandon, J.K. Simmons


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