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We’re Playing ‘Action Henk’ Right Now (And So Should You)

Get ready for some butt-sliding physics-based game featuring a 90s action figure set in a toyland called Action Henk, launching on consoles now.

Developed by RageSquid, Action Henk pulls you into a game where you play as a 90s slightly out of shape action figure Action Henk who needs to use your running, jumping and butt-sliding skills and creating the momentum and defying physics to pass 70+ available levels.  There is a full cast of awkward and slightly out of shape action heros that are available to unlock along with skins.  The game supports online mutliplayer mode and also, gives a myriad of environments to unlock as well.

You can race against your friends to victory, whether it with them or using their shadow to try and beat their record times.  If you want to play with others, you can hop online and that works also. In single player campaign, you get to play Action Henk and get him through all his levels in toyland. However, it is not only restricted to indoor play structures.  There are also levels set outside.  


What is also very nice and possibly available in a lot of these obstacle, platform sort of games is that they allow for the option to build your own levels. This is a fine concept and will open up a world of possibilities of new levels. Action Henk may seem silly but it does have a lot of heart and looks uniquely fun to play. Taking a quick swing at the web demo available on their site, the controls are smooth and simple.  The challenge is kind of like a racing game where you find the perfect balance between when to butt slide and when to run and jump. If this interests you, try out the demo and it can perhaps give you a feel of what is to be expected in the full version.

Action Henk in out now on Xbox One on March 4th and on Playstation 4 on March 6th.


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