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‘Ghostbusters’ (2016) 4 Reasons Why Everything Is Right

By now, you’ve heard that Ghostbusters is getting a reboot, and all the leads have been cast as some of today’s best female comedic stars. Very little has been released concerning the highly-anticipated film, but finally the official trailer has dropped. Take a look and read on for more.

As the clip states, 30 years prior, fours scientists saved New York City from a paranormal invasion. Now it’s time for a new team, including Kristin Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones, to strap on the proton packs and fight ghosts. Not much is known about the plot since our last update, though from the clip, it looks like it will stick fairly close to the original core, with three scientists and a metro ticket booth operator coming together to start a business that will reduce the sudden arrival of apparitions. Director Paul Feig, who has worked with Wiig and McCarthy before (Bridesmaids) looks to be paying great homage to the classic comedy original while giving the iteration a new look. As for the old cast, many are returning in cameos, including Murray, Dan AykroydSigourney WeaverErnie Hudson, and Annie Potts. It isn’t clear if they will be playing their former characters, though Murray is rumored to play a scientist out to debunk the women. Could be hard to see him and not think about his classic character, but knowing Murray, he’ll make it work.

That all said, here are four reasons why this first clip has done it right.


Most impressive is the start of the trailer, which wisely puts us right on familiar ground as the women are in large library face to face with a free floating class four apparition, very much reminiscent of the first ghost the boys in the first film encounter. Erin Gilbert (Wiig) attempts to make contact and we are ready for what we are sure is going to happen, a jump scare, but no, instead, we are treated to a sliming of epic scale, again harkening back to the first film when Venkman (Bill Murray) gets hit by ‘Slimer’ at the hotel (This one with a nod to The Exorcist). It’s so unexpected and yet perfectly on target, it feels exactly right and instantly has us feeling much more confident about the final film. (And speaking of Slimer, rest assured, the beloved ghost has a quick cameo at the center of the clip though it’s unclear whose side he’s on as the four women are visible standing behind him as he lurches toward the camera, hinting that maybe they released him as a weapon on their side (?). Time will tell but the idea totally makes sense and the precedent has already be set by the animated television series.)


As we were wary whenever talking about this new film, the worry was it would become a parody film, much like many new reboots, which work sometimes (Starsky & Hutch) but more often than not, don’t (Charlie’s Angels). Thankfully, that worry seems unwarranted as the clip is spot on with a great mix of modern humor and dramatic special effects. Best of all, it never once tramples on the memories of the past, instead lovingly taking care to honor rather than gibe. It’s the right choice and while some sensibilities have shifted since 1984, keeping the story ‘legit’ is the best approach. Of course, with the likes of Wiig and especially McCarthy in the cast, that means we’ve nothing to be concerned about in terms of getting laughs. Best of all, they are not trying to imitate. We aren’t looking at these great actors and thinking, “Oh, she’s Venkman, she’s Egon . . .”. They are in the roles but making them their own. It’s fantastic.


Yup, they did it. They made the already classic Ghostbuster tune even better. The soundtrack is credited to Theodore Shapiro, and if he did this for the trailer, then the score is in very good hands. It’s thunderous, upbeat, nostalgic, and ridiculously addictive.


Leslie Jones is hilarious. While Wiig and McCarthy are staples and their genius is almost universal at this point, from the trailer, it appears that Jones is about to become a mega star, and if not, then something is terribly wrong in the world. Playing Patty Tolan, she single-handedly gets the clip’s biggest laugh as she smacks Abby (McCarthy) so hard, the ghost possessing her flies right out. But that doesn’t stop her from going in with a second strike. It’s funnier every time you watch and is yet another nod to The Exorcist. Jones is so energetic and her presence so powerful in this trailer, it has us more than on board and even more than excited for this summer.

What do you think? Are you new Ghostbuster’s fans? Let us know in the comments below.



Paul Feig


Dan Aykroyd (based on the film “Ghostbusters” written by), Katie Dippold


Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, Chris Hemsworth, Melissa McCarthy

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