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‘Precious Cargo’ (2016) Trailer

The latest from Bruce Willis sees the famous action star go bad in this new crime thriller about a big heist, betrayal and sexy revenge. Watch the trailer and read on.

Directed by Max Adams, who recently brought us another crime drama called Heist, this film stars Willis as a crime lord named Eddie who sees his plans go south when his big heist gets botched. He blames its on the thief, an attractive and alluring woman named Karen (Claire Forlani). To stay on Eddie’s good side, she calls up an ex-lover and fellow thief named Jack (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) to steal an armored car full of precious gems, but of course, that’s just where the story begins.

Trailer Impressions:

The title alone is enough to have us a little wary, it being pretty generic, as is the plot. Willis playing bad has us intrigued though he’s always been a bit of a bad boy so it’s not much of a stretch, though he won’t be the hero this time. The real issue here is the focus on action, which in this genre, where double-crosses and betrayals in a crime heist are the last thing the story needs. This should be about cleverness and shadowy back and forths, but the trailer makes it clear it’s more about attitude and large scale auto action akin to Mad Max rather than anything Hitchcockian. We’re in it for Forlani and the always likable Willis, but skeptical is the word so far.


Max Adams


Max Adams, Paul V. Seetachitt


Bruce Willis, Claire Forlani, Mark-Paul Gosselaar

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