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‘Visage’ Video Game Trailer is Pure Creepy Delight

Psychological horror games are a dime in a dozen right now. After the heartbreaking news that P.T. (a demo for a promising Silent Hill game) was cancelled because of the behind the scenes company issues, the main question is whether its possible that we’ll be seeing anything that uses only a demo to prove a premise that will send shivers up your spine and make you fear going through one single hallway. However, hope seems to be in the horizon. It is in the form of a psychological horror game called Visage.

Based in Quebec, Canada, SadSquare Studios, co-founded by Jonathan Vallières and Jonathan Gagné were inspired by the now-cancelled P.T. and proceeded on their first gaming project to make their mark and revive the psychological horror gaming experience. Visage takes the audience into an experience through a house that has rolled over many families.  Most of them have come to a bad end whether murdered or committed suicide. These dead families dating back to 1980s poses the question whether something is deathly wrong with this house.  The concept is:

You can expect to feel true terror created by a very dark, realistic atmosphere and the presence of entities you wish you’d never seen…The game will also take you to places so twisted that you’ll feel like coming back to the house is actually a good idea.-Visage, Kickstarter

As the player of this first person horror exploration adventure, you are weaponless but able to interact with the surroundings.  The events will be randomly activated and your choices will lead to a different endings.  Dying is also something that can happen.  The idea is that Visage promises an experience like walking through a real life haunted house where you can interact and search while managing your stress all the way down to opening the doors as quickly or slowly or as much as you’d like.

Visage’s launch on Kickstarter has been a massive success. Currently with over 2 weeks left in their campaign, they’ve already reached two stretch goals including being available on consoles and virtual reality. You can find more details of their project HERE!


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