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‘Essence’ Video Game Trailer Promises Something New

The gaming experience has grown so much over the last decade (or even more). The artistic merit of what can be achieved is more than we can even imagine.

In earlier February, ONEVISION Games launched their Kickstarter project called Essence. Essence takes you into a first person surreal exploration adventure where the player enters into a world crafted with so much detail and beauty, it should be considered art and reinforces the extent to which the gaming experience has truly developed over the years.

Essence is an experience and exploration of the lead character in a search for and finding themselves. No memory and no clue of why they are there, they much move forward and explore in order to revive the world around them changing the color of the landscapes as they progress. While its a game of collecting lost fragments, with myriad puzzles and riddles to solve. Essence is a world with myths and stories, a past to look at, and evolving bit by bit with the player’s accomplishments and discoveries.

The main task of the game and a mind bending puzzle itself is to figure out what the different worlds are about, how they are connected and what your own purpose in the world of Essence is. By uncovering hidden places and items you will experience the story that slowly brings you closer to the solution. Therefore Essence offers an anomalous story that leads you to one interwoven messageESSENCE

Essence is a feast for the eyes as we can see in the trailer. The details and the atmosphere it sets is enchanting. The developers promise a world of story, puzzles and characters for its players to discover and to be immersed in a surreal experience. For them, this is just a first step into being able to expand to a much bigger universe.

Essence is currently a Kickstarter project with about 2 weeks left to go in their campaign. You can find more information HERE.

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