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New Horror Video Game ‘Rides With Strangers’ Will Have You Never Leaving The House

A new concept demo for a Kickstarter gaming project called ‘Rides With Strangers’ will make you tremble in fear. You play as Elora, a young girl freshly graduated from university with an outstanding grade and much promise heading for a job interview across state. However, when her car breaks down on the way, and the towing company can’t get to her until the morning, the option left is to hitchhike throughout the night to her destination.

The gameplay starts with flagging down a car and deciding whether you want to go in or not. In the car, Elora has the choice of picking the right answer to appeal to the driver pushing danger aside. You need to toggle with a sketch meter and increasing the speed of the drive by pressing the speed limit signs. There are some shocking noises and cues that will make you doubt the driver next to you.  The Kickstarter page describes it best:

Whoever you end up sharing the ride with, remember to keep a careful, watchful eye. Remember, despite the small talk, that they are not your savior but a wolf in sheep’s skin.

Rides With Strangers is a gaming experience that will challenge your limits as it puts you in a vulnerable and terrified situation. In the demo, the only available character is a priest. However if that is just the tip of the iceberg of what this game has to offer, an truly terrifying experience is expected especially with the other 3 characters drafted such as The Dungeon Master, The Nympho and The Gentleman.

With only a few days left of the Kickstarter campaign, the hope is that it will see the light of day with its promising concept and creepy atmosphere.

If you’d like to support the project or try out the concept demo, you can find it on the Kickstarter page.


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