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Kevin Spacey’s ‘Nine Lives’ Trailer is Purr-fect in Every Way

Kevin Spacey, the Academy Award winning actor who has made a career out of creating some of the most notorious and beloved human characters in film history, is going to play a cat. A literal cat. It seems like a misprint, but it’s not. This year, ‘Nine Lives’ will see the famously gifted actor take on the furry role and truthfully, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that’s going to stop us from seeing it.

From American Beauty to House of Cards, Kevin Spacey has earned fans around the world for his engaging and often tormented performances, But if there is one things was cay about the star, he is really, really funny. His wit and charm have been apart of nearly any movie he has been involved in, and it looks like he bringing that acerbic style to this film about a man who has everything getting trapped in the body of a precocious kitty after he’s involved in an accident. The story goes that he is an adventure-crazed billionaire out of touch with his adoring wife and 11-year-old daughter. She wants a cat for her birthday and in the vein of Gremlins, Spacey finds himself in the presence of an eccentric and mystical man and his shop of exotic felines. The circumstances for why that happens aren’t important at this point. What is, it that there are two more significant names attached to this project that make it that much more interesting, and in fact, might change expectations.

The first is Christopher Walken who is equally legendary and every bit as witty. He appears to be the one doing the putting of the man into the feline. But it’s the fact that Barry Sonnenfeld is directing has us thinking we might be in for more than your average talking animal kid’s movie. The man behind the Men in Black series is sure to bring some sharp humor to this, and combined with Spacey’s edge, could mean a surprise in this otherwise tepid genre. While the clip is pretty standard fare right now with lots of CGI animated animal antics, we’re hoping there is a little bit more to this that meets the eye. The film also star Jennifer Garner and opens in theaters this August.

What do you think? Will this be on your movie list? Let us know in the comments below.



Barry Sonnenfeld


Matt Allen, Dan Antoniazzi


Robbie Amell, Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Garner

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