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‘We Are Twisted F***Ing Sister’ Trailer Will Have You Rocking

Perhaps you grew up in the MTV era when they used to play music, and if you did maybe you remember the amazing big hair rock videos with sinewy men in neon colored tights. If you do, then you surely know Twisted Sister, who made a string of comedically-oriented heavy metal songs that had fans banging heads all over the world. But did you know they’d been at it since 1972? And their story is more crazy than the band themselves.

Rock documentaries are nothing new, and have gained so much ground they’ve even been parodied but if there’s anything about the music these films highlight, it’s that the people who made them often have incredibly entertaining backgrounds more compelling than their work. That includes Twisted Sister, a band that made a point to be as outrageous as they could, to push boundaries and envelopes wherever they went. With women’s clothes and make-up, they stormed onto the music scene after more than a decade of blasting through bars all over the country. They gained a huge fan base and because of their raucous behavior, ended up being the biggest band in the world that could never get signed.

Filmed back in 2014, the documentary, directed by Andrew Horn and crowdfunded to get distributed, is finally making it to theaters. The story will follow the band’s evolution from the Grand Funk of Glam and the NY Dolls of Metal to their now famous current name. They were a cover band in New York City and Long Island, where they were part of the scene, but found a whole new world of bar-hopping rock & roll madness outside the city, developing their trademark style and bold approach. The success that seemed to be overnight on MTV is instead a long and storied tale of one of Rock’s most notoriously flamboyant bands.

Look for ‘We Are Twisted F***Ing Sister‘ in February.



Andrew Horn


Andrew Horn


Sally Avellino, Donna Boccuzzi, Garry Bushell

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