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‘The BFG’ Poster Reveal: Start Your Imaginations

They say it’s the little things that keep us happy, but sometimes it’s the big ones, too, even if we can’t quiet see it all. With anticipation ramping up for Steven Spielberg’s first children’s movie since 1991’s Hook (Okay, The Adventures of Tin Tin kinda sorta counts, too), all eyes are looking up to this adaptation of the classic Roald Dahl book. Last month we got the trailer, and now, here’s the film’s official poster.

BFG teaser poster

If you’re not familiar with the story, check out our previous post here, but in short, and one hinted at quite beautifully in the one sheet is the meeting of a small human child and a giant. The BFG, which stands for Big Friendly Giant, will be played by Academy Award nominee Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies), a name you might not know well now, but soon will. Besides The BFG, he’s already got a role in Christopher Nolan’s just announced World War II epic Dunkirk. The real question though is how Spielberg is going to handle all the gas. Yes, your read that right. If you know anything about The BFG, it’s that besides his hobby of blowing bottled dreams into the bedrooms of sleeping children, he likes to enjoy a few drinks of frobscottle, a fizzy elixir that causes very noisy flatulence called Whizzpopping, which he uses to bounce and fly about, a thing that requires the proper touch in order to translate well to screen in order for it to be effective. If anyone can do it, Spielberg can.

The poster captures the right tone and gives us the scale of the two main characters and the relationship they already seem to have established. The girl, named Sophie (Ruby Barnhill) is in her sleeping gown and barefoot, suggesting she’s been plucked from her bed, but overjoyed with her new friend. Up on her toes, as if to make any kind of difference, the image is powerful in portraying imagination and spirit as she extends herself to be as tall as she can be. It makes us want to see what she sees and experience the same.

The BFG opens in July.



Steven Spielberg


Melissa Mathison (screenplay), Roald Dahl(novel)


Jemaine Clement, Mark Rylance, Rebecca Hall



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